C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "The Time Has Come! To The Null Realm With The Universe On The Line!!" [2/2]

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Last Time: Frieza and Goku are ambushed by assassins sent by Universe 9. Frieza is thrilled at the chance to show off his new power, and begins to brutally murder each one. Goku attempts to stop him, but Frieza traps him in an energy ball made of God of Destruction energy one of the assassins held. After finishing up with the assassins, Frieza contacts Universe 9, offering to join their team if they bring him back to life. While Universe 9's God of Destruction and Supreme Kai deliberate, Beerus and Whis arrive, forcing Frieza to hang up. Beerus frees Goku, and the group heads back to meet with the others. Meanwhile, the tournament arena is finally completed.

This Time: The various teams arrive at the Null Realm, and Goku singles out who he believes the biggest threat will be.

NOTES: This is it! The first episode of the Tournament of Power portion of the arc begins tonight! I hope you guys enjoy tournaments, because this will one last until literally the end of the series! Anyways, no spoilers, guys!



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Why did you use the Manga-based portrait of the ToP cast, with Gohan in the Mazoku Clan Gi instead of the Anime's Kame'sen-nin Gi/Kami-Sama Shirt & Boots?

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RL circumstances have managed to get worse, so I'll have to get legal support for that mess, but I should be able to all things considered.


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Previously on DBS: Well Goku, you wanted Frieza's help. This is what you get.

So, ten warriors to represent their universe and all but one are from Earth. Are we SURE we didn't maybe miss a few on some other planets?

The next time you slaughter a bunch of people, there WILL be consequences!


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So, ten warriors to represent their universe and all but one are from Earth. Are we SURE we didn't maybe miss a few on some other planets?
It's like the Green Lantern Corps. Two per planet, yet Earth has, like, six Lanterns


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A pre-tournament battle. Because of course we have to drag this out as much as possible.

Battle of the Destruction Gods


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Get two Destroyer Gods together and suddenly it's a pissing contest.

Bulma, meet Frieza.

Beerus, better keep a tight leash on this one.

YAMCHA, meet Frieza.


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Nice of Gohan to accept the aid of the monster who 18 months before killed all his family save for Goku.


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Yeah, let's not give Gohan any moment to think about his family. We haven't seen Videl and Pan since 78.


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So despite not having watched the Japanese version, the only reason I know that scene where the Universe 7 team departed as well as I do is because this was the last scene where the late voice of Bulma, Hiromi Tsuru, recorded her lines before her untimely passing:

On a slightly more upbeat note, the voice of Beerus in the Japanese version, Koichi Yamadera also voices Kazu Iida on Gen:Lock.