C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "SOS From The Future! A Dark New Enemy Appears!!" [1/20]

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Dec 31, 2013
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What do you mean there' no meat? Could that cat be meat?

On a side note, it annoys me a lot that the Trunks subplot involves a character who has been a comic relief sidenote since the beginning of this saga, it's really annoying.


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Sep 11, 2009
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And now Mai's dead too.

Oh, please, go on show. I'm sure you could kick the crap out of Future Trunks just a little more.

And the bad guy is......Goku?!

Wait, didn't we already have an Evil Goku in Tree of Might?


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Apr 12, 2016
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Well this is the beginning of the saga that I've been waiting and I liked this episode.

Next time on Dragon Ball Super: HOPE!! Again! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present!


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Mar 9, 2010
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Tonight's episode marks the start of the 4th Saga of DBS, which is usually called the "Future Trunks Saga". We begin this episode in Future Trunks' Timeline, where Future Trunks is trying to avoid a shadowy figure, this figure is destroying the city much like the Androids did before. Eric Vale reprises the role of Future Trunks here but the character's hair is now blue, possibly to match Bulma's hair color in the show but it doesn't explain why the Main Timeline Trunks still has lavender hair. Future Trunks enters a secret lab where Future Bulma is working on some fuel for the time machine but there's only enough fuel for a one way trip to the past. Suddenly, the shadowy figure attacks the lab and manages to kill Future Bulma but Future Trunks manages to escape with the time machine fuel.

Back in the Main Timeline, Goku's farming has lead to a newly grown lettuce patch and he invited Piccolo over for some training, a competition to see who can harvest the most lettuce (a nod to Master Roshi's training methods from DB). Goten wants to join the training but Chi-Chi insists that her youngest son must study (similar to how she acted with her oldest son). During the training, Krillin arrives and says he's surprised that Goku didn't go to Beerus' planet with Vegeta to train...which leads to Goku using Instant Transmission to reach Vegeta and Chi-Chi demands Krillin take Goku's place in the harvesting. When Beerus demands some food to allow Goku to train with Vegeta under Whis' instructions, Goku offers him some lettuce and Universe 7's Destroyer likes it but tries to downplay his enjoyment of the vegetable.

Back in the Alternate Timeline, Future Trunks reaches a building where he reunites with Future Mai (like her Main Timeline counterpart, she is voiced by Collen Clinkenbeard, who took over the role staring in the Budokai Tenkaichi Trilogy video games). It appears as though the Pilaf Trio of Future Trunks' Timeline also made the wish that turned them back into infants, since Future Mai is physically the same age as Future Trunks. While Future Trunks tells Future Mai about the time machine fuel, we also hear him refer to the villain as "Black". In the Main Timeline, Goku, Vegeta, Whis & Beerus are eating Ramen together and the later two reveal that the Omni-King isn't a fighter but he is the strongest being in existence; there used to be a total of 18 Universes but Grand Zeno erased the other 6 Universes at some point in the past, explaining why the other gods fear the Omni-King.

After finishing what little food they could gather, Future Trunks & Future Mai make their way to Capsule Corporation...but they are attacked by Black! After an intense scene, Future Trunks believes Black has killed Future Mai and the episode ends revealing Black's face and he is...Goku (he, too, is voiced by Sean Schemmel)!

The Future Trunks Saga has begun and the end of the episode reveals why some fans name the saga after the villain, Black who seems to be an Evil Goku. The fact that Sean Schemmel is voicing Black seems to suggest that he is Goku in some capacity, unlike Turles (the main villain of the 3rd DBZ Movie, Tree of Might), who was simply an identical stranger; speaking of Turles, the lettuce that appeared throughout the episode may or may not have been a nod to him as his name is a reference to lettuce, keeping up the vegetable theme-naming of the pure-blooded Saiyans (his Sub name is "Tullece"). While it is true that Masako Nozawa voices the Goku look-alikes in the Sub Version, FUNimation has made a point to give the Goku look-alikes different voices (Sonny Strait voices Bardock, Chris Patton voices Turles, Kara Edwards voices Kid Goten rather than Stephanie Nadolny or Colleen Clinkenbeard, who have voiced Kid Goku and Kid Gohan at different points in FUNimation's time dubbing the franchise). Chris Sabat has mentioned this was to avoid "deluding" the voice of the main character, explaining why King Kai & Nail were the only other major characters Sean Schemmel has voiced in the franchise. In any case, the existence of this Evil Goku is set up to be one of the big mysteries of this saga. I look forward to watching more of this saga.

Is this like an alternate future, since after the Cell saga 18 became a good guy?
Yes, Future Trunks and Cell's time traveling lead to the timeline splitting into alternate "branches". Think of it like how the time traveling in Ocarina of Time lead to the Legend of Zelda Timeline branching into 3 alternate timelines.
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