C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "SOS From The Future! A Dark New Enemy Appears!!" [1/20]

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Last Time: As Goku and the fake Vegeta begin their battle, the real Vegeta critiques both of them. While this is going on, the rest of the gang attempt to catch Commeson - unsuccessfully. However, at the last moment, Monaka unknowingly destroys Commeson's core, killing him and the fake Vegeta. Meanwhile, we see Future Trunks running away from something.

This Time: Back in Future Trunk's timeline, it turns out that defeating the androids was only the beginning! Now a new evil threatens Trunks' timeline!

NOTES: Tonight's episode is followed by a new Kai. Watch them both! Also, tonight's episode begins the third major arc of the series, and arguably the best one so far! No spoilers!

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Previously on Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has been issued mercy by Monaka sending Copy Vegeta and his allies to another dimension, meaning his 81,018,001 problems are over. However, the next battle has already started, and what a dark one it will prove to be.


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Previously on DBS: They beat the purple goo guy, but how cares?! Future Trunks is back!

Tonight: I'll send an SOS to the past...

Ooh, some new teaser-y images in the opening.

Also, Trunks has blue hair now.


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