C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "Hunt The Poaching Ring! Goku And Android 17's Joint Struggle!!" [11/10]

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Dec 14, 2008
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Last Time: Dende takes Goku to the island where Android 17 is working as a park ranger. After helping 17 clear out some poachers, 17 explains that he is now married and has a family. Goku challenged 17 to a fight to see how strong the android is now. Surprising Goku, 17 is able to keep up with his Super Saiyan Blue. The match ends in a draw, but when Goku attempts to recruit 17, the android declines, saying that he needs to protect the island from poachers. As if on cue, a band of space poachers arrive in Earth's atmosphere.

This Time: Goku and 17 must team up to stop the galactic poachers from kidnapping the rare animals from the island.

NOTES: If the last episode's selling point was that it was Goku and 17's first time meeting and fighting, this episode's selling point is that it's the first time the two team up. Unfortunately, there will not be a new episode next week due to a marathon...
Anyway, no spoilers. 17 doesn't care for spoilers.


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Sep 11, 2009
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"Wow. Fifty years this reserve has been open and this is the first time we've had poachers from space. What are the odds?"

Let's hope they don't turn the animals inside out.

"I guess we scared your little friend"

Yeah, and I guess his "little friend" got away from you and is heading towards the control room. Dips**t


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