C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "First Time Exchanging Blows! Android 17 vs. Goku!!" [11/3]

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Last Time: Goku encounters Majin Buu, who has slimmed down during his own training, and holds his own against Goku in a sparring match. The various angels and gods hold a meeting to discuss matters; Champa orders Cabba to go find more Saiyans. Meanwhile, Top and two of his fellow Pride Troopers agree to find more members for their team. Finally, Gohan prepares to train once again with Piccolo.

This Time: Goku arrives on an island to recruit Android 17, who has become a park ranger of sorts. Unfortunately, the android has no interest in joining the tournament, since he has made it his goal to protect the island, and the animals living on it.

NOTES: You guys should be in for a treat, tonight's episode is widely considered to be the best episode of the Recruitment Saga. With that in mind, no spoilers please.

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Previously on Dragon Ball Super, quite a few things happened:
-A meeting between the Universes' Creators, and I ended up noticing color-coding with the orbs that involve the matching pairs stuff. Of particular note, 3 and 10 share green--and...well, maybe I'll have stuff to say about that later, who knows.
-Buu proves adaptable, which for a guy whose selling point is durability would definitely be a boon. He does have to worry about rem deprivation, but as long as he makes sure his sleep schedule works out around the tournament, that shouldn't be a problem.
-A meeting between the Universes' Destroyers--and funny how that mouse Destroyer has a statue of himself. Also, that pink elephant Destroyer has his Angel assistant laugh happily at the way he talks when complaining about Goku's informality.
-Universe 11 seems to be involving no shortage of DC comic book references. Also, Dyspo has an interesting dub voice and accent for a guy who may very well be a Fragile Speedster. Oh, and could this "Jiren the Grey" fellow be indeed that guy shown prominently in the intro?
-And of course, Gohan is currently recruiting Grill Master Piccolo.

And now, let's see how recruiting Android 17 goes. Last I checked, he was some free spirit? Hopefully we can figure something out.
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This November 9 marks the 30th Anniversary of the original Japanese TV Broadcast of DRAGON BALL episode 133 "Reunion Before the Storm" introducing the grown-up versions of Goku (technically 18-19), Piccolo (technically 3), and Kuririn (technically 20, establishing his short height), as well as scarred Yamucha. And also the first meeting of Gohan's two dads.


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Previously on DBS: New and improved Buu and the Pride Troopers show their stuff

Tonight: Return of an old...friend? ...Attempted murderer? Well, I guess in this show those two are usually the same thing.


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"Hey 17! Haven't seen you since...ever."

As for the audience, we haven't seen him since he got sucked up by Cell's tail mouth. Or I guess there was that one cameo from him at the end of DBZ.