C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "Conquer The Terrifying Foes! Krillin's Fighting Spirit Rebounds!" [8/18]

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Last Time: Goku decides to ask Krillin to spar with him. Krillin, lacking self-confidence, initially declines before his wife and daughter pressure him into it. He and Goku decide to ask Roshi for a task; he tells them to head to a mysterious island to find a herb that will grant someone great power! However, upon arriving at the island, Goku and Krillin become surrounded by all their old enemies!

This Time: Krillin and Goku will have to fight their way through the island, but will Krillin be able to face all the old foes who once killed him?

NOTES: Well, this is it! The final filler episode before the next arc begins next week!
Also, for those who aren't aware, Super will no longer be the first show on the block!; it will now be My Hero Academia, which will now be airing at 10:00. Also, don't miss the season premiere of Attack on Titan, which airs after Super.
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Previously on Dragon Ball Super....back to the past, even though there's no sign of Samurai Jack? Also, apparently there was mention of a meeting between the deities running the multiverse, and I don't know why but I get the feeling it will be important before too long.

By the way...
Completely new opening next week.


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Also, for those who aren't aware, Super is changing time-slots starting tonight; it will now be airing at 10:30, with My Hero Academia moving up to 10:00.
Technically it's not moving time slots then. It's been at 10:30 for months. :p


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Previously on DBS: Goku and Krillin training together, just like the ol' days. And...fighting every villain they ever fought...just like the ol' days.


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Goku: Hmm, hey Krillin, who's that short four-eyed green guy?

Okay, we can toss the illusion theory out the window.


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What happened last week?
Well, in West City they say
That Krillin's small penis shrank three sizes that day.

Raditz AND Dabura? Okay, now they're stretching.

And who's the bat guy?

...nope, still not ringing a bell.

Oh yeah, remember that time Frieza killed you?
I'm surprised you did. Since you died and all.

Oh, don't show that again.


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Ah, Tambourine, the first guy to ever kill Krillin. You never forget your first.

Oh, of course they had to bring back the horrific chocolate scene.

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Goku believed those were just illusions. Every time that happens, Goku, you idiot, that's clearly Tempting Fate.

Meanwhile, Krillin has PTSD about his deaths.


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Krillin really has gotten the crap kicked out of him over the years ain't he?

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