C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "A Message From The Future! The Incursion of Goku Black!" [2/3]

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Mar 9, 2010
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Picking up where we last left off, Future Trunks attacks Goku because he mistook him for Black. Bulma smacks Future Trunks to get him to regain his senses and he quickly apologizes after he finds out that Goku was brought back to life after the Cell Saga. Beerus & Whis are not happy when they find out that there's a time machine because they bring up time travel is forbidden (something Jaco has brought up before) even to most gods because of the consequences of the butterfly effect...but they are willing to let them off with a verbal warning in exchange for food they've never had before and Bulma gives them fish sausages. In the Alternate Timeline, Black continues to search for Future Trunks but something he's wearing called a "Time Ring" starts to act up when he floats to the spot where the time machine was before heading into the Main Timeline. After Piccolo & Krillin finish harvesting the lettuce, Goten & Chi-Chi arrive to tell them about the time machine which they received a message about; Piccolo & Krillin decide to go to Capsule Corporation and Goten wants to follow them...but Chi-Chi insists that her youngest son needs to study.

While looking over the time machine, Bulma notices that it's out of fuel and discovers a notebook with a CD from Future Bulma that details everything they need to know about how the time machine functions. Future Trunks tells them about how he managed to stop Future Babidi & Future Dabura from freeing Future Buu and that the threat he is dealing with is someone who claims to be Goku but wears dark clothes, Future Bulma ended up calling him "Goku Black". Goku Black has wiped out the species of other planets and is currently focusing on Humanity, he claims he's doing this all "in the name of justice". Vegeta accuses Future Trunks of being a coward but Bulma defends him by saying he came to get help with this threat but needs a way to fuel the time machine, pointing out the notebook with the CD Future Bulma left them. Goku spars with Future Trunks to gauge Goku Black's power with Bulma activating an invisible forcefield around them so they can fight at their best without causing destruction to West City; the latter reveals he nows has access to Super Saiyan 2 and Goku shows him Super Saiyan 3. Piccolo & Krillin arrive to catch up on why Future Trunks has returned...but a portal opens in the sky and the episode ends with Goku Black emerging from the portal.

It was cool to hear about Future Trunks' version of the Buu Saga as many fans speculated about it, the video game, Shin Budokai: Another Road, also touched up on that detail. Seeing Present Trunks and Future Trunks interact was cool but it is a shame Laura Bailey was unable to reprise Present Trunks due to schedule conflicts (Alexis Tipton still does a great job, though). I admit, I'm surprised to see the dub stuck with "Goku Black", I thought they would go with "Dark Goku". The callback to Goku blocking Future Trunks' sword attack with his finger was pretty funny. The Future Trunks Saga/Goku Black Saga continues to grow more and more interesting, if you ask me.
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Aug 18, 2011
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The way to a God's heart is through His stomach.

The world could end tomorrow, but Gohan needs to keep his grades up.
You mean Goten, right?
Where was he earlier in DBZ Kai?
I assumed he was still sleeping at that point.
Oh great, Dabura and Babidi came back in his time too?
It's more like they showed up in Future Trunks' alternate timeline with no one but Future Trunks to stop them.

This episode's setting up the stakes, and Vegeta continues to be awful to his son(s). It's pretty weird that Trunks and Mai will apparently get together down the line when Mai's technically a grown woman while young Trunks is still a child.


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