C&C - Dr. Stone - “Wave of Science” [2/15]

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All That Glitters Ain't Gold
Sep 30, 2005
The Grid

Kingdom of Science:

Senku Ishigami
Voiced by: Aaron Dismuke
A self-taught prodigy, Senku has a great love of science and is enthusiastic about every aspect of it. After Senku was revived from the stone, he made it his mission to bring back humanity and restore all of its accomplishments. Initially joined by his friends Taiju and Yuzuriha, Senku sent them off on an undercover mission to infiltrate Tsukasa’s empire, and soon gained the trust (and eventually became chief) of a village descended from his father and a group of astronauts who survived the petrification event.

Voiced by: Felecia Angelle
One of the strongest members of the village, Kohaku is an excellent hunter and survivalist. She is generally kind, but can also be hot-headed and impulsive, and is a good judge of character. She was the first person from the village to meet Senku, and helped him develop a cure for her sister’s pneumonia.

Voiced by: Matt Shipman
The self-proclaimed sorcerer of the village and Senku’s apprentice, Chrome has always had an interest in science, even if he didn’t really know what it was. This interest was born out of a desire to help Ruri, the village priestess and his childhood friend, who had been sick with pneumonia for a long time, which with Senku’s help, they managed to cure her of. But there’s still a lot Chrome has left to learn.

Voiced by: Josh Grelle
One of the two village guards, Kinro is the more serious and brave of the duo, taking his role seriously and upholding the rules of the village.

Voiced by: Justin Briner
Contrasting with his brother Kinro, Ginro is generally a coward and more laid-back. He’s usually lazy, but can be easily motivated, though at the risk of letting the motivation get to his head.

Voiced by: Sarah Wiedenheft
One of the young children living in the village, Suika is friendly and kind, but also very shy. She wears a watermelon rind over her head, which she can curl up into when she wants to be stealthy.

Voiced by: Kenny Green
One of the village elders, Kaseki is a craftsman who has had a love for crafting since he was a child. He is a genius at picking up on how to use new materials quickly and is incredibly enthusiastic about building new designs. It’s safe to say that Kaseki is one of the Kingdom of Science’s most valuable assets.

Gen Asagiri
Voiced by: Brandon McInnis
In the past, Gen Asagiri was a famous TV magician and mentalist. As such, he is a master at psychological manipulation, whether to confuse his enemies or persuade his allies. Gen is loyal to whoever he views as the winning side of a conflict, and while he is technically still part of Tsukasa’s army, Gen has allied himself with Senku’s Kingdom of Science.

Voiced by: Kristen McGuire
The village priestess and Kohaku’s sister. Ruri suffered from pneumonia for many years, but was cured thanks to the Kingdom of Science’s hard work in re-inventing antibiotics. In gratitude, she revealed that the village had been founded by Senku’s father who survived petrification.

Voiced by: J. Michael Tatum
The strongest man in the village, Magma aimed to become the village chief at any cost. However, he was defeated in the tournament, preventing him from rising to the top.

Empire of Might:

Tsukasa Shishio
Voiced by: Ian Sinclair
Once known as “The Strongest Primate Highschooler”, Tsukasa is incredibly strong and great at hunting, making him most adept at living in this new Stone World. While initially willing to help Senku, their goals differ greatly; Whereas Senku wants to revive all of humanity, Tsukasa sees this as an opportunity to cleanse the world of the evil greed of adults, only reviving the young and uncorrupted.

Voiced by: Jerry Jewell
The second-in-command of Tsukasa’s empire, Hyoga is a calm easy-going man with a proficiency in spears and strength rivaling his leader. He holds a firm belief in social darwinism, believing only the strong and intelligent should be allowed to live.

Homura Momiji
Voiced by: Megan Shipman
A gymnast revived as part of Tsukasa’s army.

Episode 23
”Wave of Science”

Chapters adapted: 57-58​

Last time:
In the search for tungsten, Senku, Chrome, and Magma searched a nearby cave. After encountering a mica vein, Magma tried to save Senku from falling into a sinkhole, but both eventually were trapped. Chrome saved them both by filling the sinkhole up with water. The three hurriedly returned back to the village after encountering a deposit rich with minerals in order to make it in time to celebrate Senku's birthday. While the three were gone, Gen and the village built an observatory for Senku.

This time:
With all the necessary materials gathered, Senku and the rest of the village get to work on making the components for the cell phone.

  • The chapters adapted in this episode can be found in volume 7 of the manga, available from Viz Media.


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Sep 11, 2009
Previously on Dr. Stone: A telescope?! Just what I always wanted!

"The older generation just doesn't understand some things."
Yeah, so shut up, boomer.


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Sep 11, 2009
A vacuum tube. A tube that has as much air removed from it as possible, hence the "vacuum" part.

Incidentally, that reminds of something. If nature abhors a vacuum, then why is, like, 99% of the universe a vacuum?


The kids are all wrong
Sep 3, 2006

The Kingdom of Science needs a princess.

Heat up some wood, boil the liquid that comes out, pour it over some copper, and then dump enough of it in the ocean so that it forms a giant island.

You have acquired CARBON EMISSIONS!


Yes, have some.
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Jul 13, 2003
lol, that part with Magma starting to smash up the rocks without instruction was amusing. As was the former chief's reaction him being so helpful.

Old man being nostalgic pal fest. heh heh.

Uh, bake it with honey? lmao. :D :D

Let me see what you want me to make... heh...

Just need 800. Wha?!

Nice touch that Senku decided to introduce heat to the huts.

This episode had a lot of good laughs and ends in triumph.

Light Lucario

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May 11, 2007
In a Dream World
I thought that this episode was pretty good. Even though Magma is more of a team player now, it was still kind of weird to see. At least crushing the rocks was actually helpful instead of undoing all of their work from the previous episode. It was pretty neat how even the former chief recognized that Senku's knowledge was what was going to help move their village into the future. It was pretty nice how Senku had faith in Chrom's abilities as a scientist. Their dramatic high five was certainly a way to remind the audience that this is indeed a shonen anime, but it was cool and showed their friendship pretty nicely.

I really liked the moment with Kaseki. He has worked so much for most of his life and couldn't connect with other people. Seeing him cry was genuinely touching because now he finally had friends to craft with. Going from that to his dramatic muscle pose kind of described the tone of this series pretty well. There are some really heartfelt moments, but also plenty of comedic moments to balance them out. It was also cute how Kaseki and Suika wanted to do the dramatic high five with Senku as well.

The montage with the first opening theme was pretty neat. After all of their hard work, they finally finished the first cell phone for the Stone World. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.


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