C&C - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - "Mount Natagumo" [2/8]

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Aug 1, 2007
The first four or so episodes were mostly serious but the show has been slowly adding more and more comedic elements as it goes on. The crow, the man who forged the swords, gue who sold ramen noodles, the assistant to the medical demon. Tanjiro's new teammates being even more comedic was a natural and necessary progression. There's very few Shonen Jump series that play the material completely straight and don't have over the top silly moments even among the more violent ones. Inuyasha also had humans constantly being killed and eaten by demons and tons of blood but whenever the main characters had some down time between battle the tone was completely different.

Zenitsu seems like a mix of Shippo and Miroku with the cowardice and wanting different women to marry him. And Inosuke seems like a cross between Inuyasha and Koga with the poor manners, lack of a education, not really caring about the safe being of innocents and wanting to pick a fight with everyone. I guess Tanjiro would be like the male version of Kagome and Sango with his general kindness towards people and certain demons, constantly admonishing his teammates for their behaviour and general skill in battle.


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