C&C - DBZ Kai: The Final Chapters - "Peace Returns! A Time Of Rest For The Warriors! [6/9]

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Last Time: Even with everyone's energy, the Spirit Bomb still isn't strong enough to defeat Kid Buu. Desperate, Vegeta uses the third wish to give Goku his full power back, allowing the Saiyan to finally shove the Spirit Bomb into Kid Buu. As Buu disintegrates, Goku makes a wish to fight Buu once again - as a different person. With Kid Buu destroyed, the Earth is finally saved, and peace returns.

This Time: Bulma invites everyone to a party, but Goku is busy tending to some eggs that are just about ready to hatch.

NOTES: Tonight's episode follows a new Super. Watch them both, and no spoilers!


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The episode starts with Good Buu walking about in public sometime after the wish to erase the memories of Buu from the minds of the ordinary inhabitants of Earth has been made. Good Buu wants to get some ice cream but needs money (and remembers Hercule/Mr. Satan/Mark's warnings to not get angry) and wins some by beating a street fighter in a "play fight".

It turns out Bulma was shopping with Good Buu and he wondered off sometime during Bulma's shopping, Bulma eventually finds him in the park and brings him to a jewelry store to continue shopping. The street fighter and his manager attempt to rob the jewelry store but are scared out of their minds and easily stopped when they see Good Buu...meaning Gohan as Great Saiyaman and Videl in a matching costume (the DBZ Kai Dub went with "Great Saiyaman 2" like the dub for the 13th DBZ Movie, Wrath of the Dragon; the Regular DBZ Dub went with "Great Saiyawoman") won't need to stop this crime.

Later on, Bulma is throwing a party for the Z-Fighters at Capsule Corporation and Goku's family make their way there...without Goku, who is watching some pterodactyl eggs hatch to make sure the baby pterodactyls are safe. Eventually, Goku arrives at Capsule Corporation after the pterodactyl eggs hatch and just when the party is coming to a close. The episode ends with Goku having a meal while also telling his family and friends about the hatching of the pterodactyl eggs.

Good Buu's city adventures reminded me of Goku's first time exploring West City back in DB. Videl becoming the Great Saiyawoman and embracing the "hammy hero" persona like Gohan (even though she is already a world famous hero) was rather heart warming, especially when you remember how she initially acted dismissive towards the Great Saiyaman (in terms of costume and "hammy hero" persona). The party at Capsule Corporation was a nice breather after Kid Buu's defeat and it was great to see all of the Z-Fighters together, especially Tien & Chiaotzu; it's also sad to know that this is the last time we'll get to hear Laura Bailey as Trunks outside of the video games (for the time being, at least). It's hard to believe we only have 2 episodes of DBZ Kai left to air on Toonami now and those who have seen Regular DBZ should know what to expect in these upcoming episodes.
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So they kept the 'Saiya-Team' scene? I rather liked this as one of the few times DBZ touched on Gohdel/Vidhan post-Buu (likewise Movie 13). It does suggest Gohan's Mystic Powers weren't the permanent (in terms of being always 'On', unlike SSJ) form suggested by the Manga. Movie 13 would make it a power-up.

I take it everyone recognizes Goten's party clothes as identical to clothes Goku temporarily wore after his Red Ribbon battle ruined his (actually Kuririn's) Gi, also one of the few times Goku was a butt of laughter (judging by Yamucha and Kuririn's response).