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Feb 16, 2003
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BUt I had card duties next week. it'll throw off whatever balance there is that I'm making up in my head. So, um, hmm, ok, you do the Thursday cards for this week, and then when Lupin comes back, I'll handle those cards for that week and you do teh Sunday and Thursdays, and next week you do the Bebop stuff and I'll handle whatever else (Sunday, Thursday, whatever oddball straggler weekday cards).

Or something like that.
No, I wouldn't want to throw off the balance. You can do all the cards next week. I'll just have to do a lot of extras for tonights cards.

"And you better make sure they're-"

*DianaGohan punches out her Insanity*

You had it coming to you, *****.

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Aug 19, 2003
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DianaGohan said:
No, I wouldn't want to throw off the balance. You can do all the cards next week. I'll just have to do a lot of extras for tonights cards.

"And you better make sure they're-"

*DianaGohan punches out her Insanity*

You had it coming to you, *****.
Go DG! Way to punch out your alternate-self!


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Feb 16, 2003
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I think "insanity" should have a burrito.
I think YOUR MOM should have a burrito!

Corrado's Mom: Yes that would be very nice dearie. Does that come with onion sauce?

Uh........ yes?

Corrado's Mom: Swell. I'll have 3.

I'll get right on that.

Oh, and transcript tommorow with a Cobbed, News, rating, Bug TV, and puppet party extra.


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Feb 16, 2003
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Okay, some notes before the

DianaGohan Adult Swim Card Transcript of 12/11/03

Note 1: Look out for the extras after the transcript's over.

Note 2: In order to maintain the exact word for word transcribing of the cards, I will be forced to "cheat" the censor. Forgive me.

Note 3: In an idea that I "borrowed" from Lim (in order to make the card transcribing eaiser) here's a little rundown of what the cards are like:

The Cards start out on a white background with someone's silohuette next to them. The white background continues until we see the person's name in brackets (like [GeorgeDaGeorge] for example) and then the background's switch to black. All the cards are like that, unless otherwise noted of course.

So here we go.

(Parental Advisory Warning)

(No Children Under 14 Warning)

Pre Futurama-

(Leela Silohuette Appears)

Dear Adult Swim,

I had ti clean your puke off my
new carpet again.
That's the last party you're
invited to.
PS your pants are still in the toilet

- [Assassasin]

Dear Assassasin,

Not our fault.

We definitely flushed.

[adult swim]

Futurama Mid Break One-

(Bender Silohuette appears)

Why do you call it ADULT swim?
I watch AS all the time!
I'm not technically an adult yet,
Why not try

[Swim Time For Those Who Are Emotionally Mature]

= [BebopFan201]

Dear BebopFan201,

That's kind of hard to fit on a T-shirt
don't you think?

[adult swim]

(New Space Ghost Episode Commerical Two: Spin Around)

(Adult Swim Presents Version Three (Music One) Promo)

Futurama Mid Break Two-

(Zoidberg Silohuette Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

I can picture in my mind a world
without war.
A world without hate.

And I can picture us attacking
that world.
They'd never expect it!


Dear RavenSaterno,

YES! Now that's our kind of talk!

[adult swim]

Post Futurama-

(Bender Silohuette Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

Since you spent all your time pimping
your DVD's (I didn't buy one! Fear Me!,
I'm going to pimp my friend's comic,
(Words Censored out. Appears to be "Orange Ringman" or something like that).


Dear personman23,


That'll teach you to buy things we
tell you to buy.

[adult swim]

Pre Family Guy-

(Peter Griffin Silouhette Flashes In)

Dear Adult swim,

stop baggin' on ur fans when they
write these cards
U guys are jerks.

- [TimChandler]

Dear TimChandler,

No. We're bastards.

[adult swim]

Family Guy Mid Break One-

(Brian Silohuette Triple Flashes)

Dear Adult Swim,

What does it take to get some
respect around here?!


Dear fadehienshu,


Or breasts.

[adult swim]

(Sealab 2021 New Episodes Quinn Reads Fan Post Two: Fake Laugh All Night Long).

(Adult Swim Includes Version 3 (Music Three) Promo).

(Aqua Teen Hunger Force Half Theme Commerical)

Family Guy Mid Break Two-

(Brian Silohuette Flashes In background)

Dear Adult Swim,

Have I got a deal for you.
I'll trade you a slightly used fruit-cake
for an ATHF DVD.
How about it?

- [Yimir]

Dear Yimir,

We're not falling for that trick.

[adult swim]

Post Family Guy-

(Peter Griffin Silohuette Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

I left a message on your answering
machine didn't you get it?!

Don't you love me anymore...

It was only night with him
I swear!

- [Kitten56]

Dear Kitten56,

Well, that's not what FOX says.

[adult swim]

(Parental Advisory Warning)

(No Children Under 14 Warning)

Pre Inuyasha-

(Sword Inuyasha Silohuette Fade Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

Why are you only showing the
worst posts lately?

- [MooMilo]

Dear MooMilo,

Hey! We showed yours didn't we?
Oh wait... you're right.

[adult swim]

Inuyasha Mid Break One-

(Sword Inuyasha Silohuette Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

Touch it. Just once. Please?
I'll pay you.

- [GreyOmen]

Dear GreyOmen,

Dude. For the last time,
we are NOT touching your hump!

We don't care how lucky it is.

[adult swim]

(AdultSwim.com Holiday Event Commerical)

(AdultSwim.com Aqua Teen And Space Ghost DVD Commerical)

Inuyasha Mid Break Two-

(Inuyasha Silohuette Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

I feel that I must come to terms
with my feelings for you...
(gulp)... and well, I LOVE YOU!


Dear deathdealer,

(Inuyasha Sillohuette starts to vomit).

[adult swim]

Post Inuyasha-

(Inuyasha Silohuette Triple Flashes In)

Dear Adult Swim,

How about one night you have...
"Subtitle Night!"

Show everything in a different
language with subtitles in

- [bakadesu]

Dear bakadesu,

Then how would our blind viewers
know what's going on?

Way to be insensitive, Jackass!

[adult swim]

Pre Big O-

Dear Adult Swim,

(Big O Sillohuette Appears in background)

Plese make Big O get his groove
on some more.

- [BobJones]

Dear BobJones,

(Big O Silohuette and Fujiko Silouhuette move around a bit under the disco ball. The Fujiko Silohuette keeps holding up her beer bottle).

Oh you meant like dancing.


[adult swim]

Big O Mid Break One-

(Roger Smith Silohuette Triple Flashes)

Dear Adult Swim,

What do you think the world would
be like if it were ruled by a robot?

- [NudeyBob]

Dear NudeyBob,


[adult swim]

(Adult Swim Includes Version Three (Music Two) Promo)

Big O Mid Break Two-

Dear Adult Swim,

You guys kick the Disney channel's

- [MrBoombastic]

Dear MrBoombastic,

Easy. They've got this guy.

(Micky Mouse Silohuette Flashes On Screen).

We've got this guy.

(Big O Silohuette Flashes On Screen).

[adult swim]

Post Big O-

(Dorothy Silohuette Appears On Screen)

Dear Adult Swim,

They will steal your sprockets.

- [thename1785]

Dear thename1785,

Not where we've got them hidden.

But it is making it hard to walk.

[adult swim]

And the rest was reruns.

"BS. There were new Cowboy Bebop Cards. The one that had the s-word in it."

And The Adult Swim version of Insanity. Why don't you hang out with AS's insanity and leave me alone?

"Why don't you transcribe those cards?

Uh..... Lim said he would do them.

" Oh COME ON. Do them you-"

Well anyway, time for those extras I told you'd I have.

FAKE Adult Swim COBBED (It's the spirit of the season right since Christmas is only 12 days away, so the question everyone's asking is what did you get me and what do I need to get for you? I started on my Christmas shopping and pretty much know the gifts I'm getting. However, is this what Christmas is really about? Commerically yes, but truthfully it's a story about the birth of Jesus. And this Christmas it's about Jesus destroying the earth. You see, Jesus don't like it when you bleep out his name (Futurama's "Sweet Zombie Jesus", Rejected not getting aired) so he's coming this Christmas to raise some anger. Normally Jesus would just take over someone's body and watch how we celebrate Christmas, but this year he's causing hell on earth. Giant Tornaodoes, Massive Flood, World Wars, the works. Luckily, Jesus knows that I work hard transcribing those cards and believe in what he's gonna do so I'm spared. Can you say the same about yourselves? I think not).

FAKE [Adult Swim]

Brak: Hey there all the people Brak is talking to. This is me for the news thing about Adult Swim. You may be excited about Christmas and the joy the season brings, but you may also be asking yourselves "Oh boy, it's Christmas Time" but the folks here at Adult Swim aren't. They tried to pitch a Yultide block of shows for the day of Christmas Eve, which would include holiday specials of Futurama Family Guy Aqua Teen Hunger Force Space Ghost Coast To Coast Big O and Lupin The Third, but couldn't. Since Cartoon Network wanted Christmas to have nothing to do with Adult Swim. The best we got was showing the two Futurama Christmas episodes on the eve and day. And I think that sucks. I even had planned a Brak show Christmas special. It would be called "Brak's Christmas Carol" and Zorak would be an old mean guy, and I would be his buisness partner, and how Dad would be his ghost friend, and Thunderclese Clarence and Space Ghost Would be ghosts, and that is not a copyright because WE ARE ABOVE THE LAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, but look what happen to that now. Maybe I'll leave my own little present in Cartoon Network's mailbox. And it will be a card saying, "Hey Buddy that wasn't cool to do that and can I have a cookie?" Well, Seasons Greetings anyways people. Buh Bye!.

FAKE [Adult Swim]

(FAKE Adult Swim Weekly Ratings Report, Done In The Style Of The Old Cartoon Planet Ratings Report).

Space Ghost: Greetings Everyone, and have a happy Holiday in the Adult Swim Weekly Ratings Report!

Zorak: Yeah... if happy meant miserable pain!

Space Ghost: What does happy mean anyway? Is that some new drug the kids are taking?

Brak: My mom said that drugs are bad.

Zorak: Your Mom's Bad!

Brak: Space Ghost, Zorak made fun of my mother!

Space Ghost: Don't worry Brak, I'll take care of him (aims powerbands at Zorak).

Zorak: No wait, I think she's hot!

Space Ghost: (Hesitates a second, then blasts Zorak). That's just plain disturbing. Why don't you just tell the people what ratings are.

Zorak: Ratings are just people under the sea! (Random Sealab 2021 clips appear) These ratings have bizarro ratings, ratings adventures in the space time continum, hang out in Rating MC Rating Concerts, Go on quests for rating gold, and are just insane... for ratings anyway.

Space Ghost: Ehhhh, good enough. Brak, tell the people what the ratings were for the week.

Brak: Well we got my show in third place with 337,000 ratings.

Zorak: That show sucked *****es *****ers and ******. It was only good because I made Clarence go on fire, that fat ******* ****!

Space Ghost: Zorak, control your language.

Zorak: **** you.

Space Ghost: (Laughs) Now there's comedy.

Brak: Next up is the show with that Space Ghost guy in it that got 351,000 ratings.

Zorak: That show was better because I ate a crow and it was acknolwedged how much Moltar sucks.

Space Ghost: Yes, and that's why he was let go of hosting Toonami.

Zorak: Well that and the fan fiction about Laser Clothes.

Brak: Speaking of clothes, I don't feel like wearing mine.

Zorak: KEEP THEM ON!!! Naked Space Ghost is still in my *****in ****in skull, and I'd put it in your skull with a hammer if you start to strip in front of me.

Brak: Okay then. And in first place there was Sealab with 377,000 people ratings thingies.

Zorak: The only good parts of that show was seeing Debbie almost naked. Man that girl's got an ass you could throw Space Ghost off of.

Space Ghost: She's got a what?

Zorak: You know, ass.

Space Ghost: A what?

Zorak: .... You're an ass.

Space Ghost: Why thank you. And be sure to tune into next week's Adult Swim ratings report.

Brak: Bye bye now.

FAKE Brak Puppet Party

(The words Brakville come up on screen as the Brak puppet is in the regular cartoon planet background, wearing an elf's hat on his head).

Brak Puppet: Greetings everyone. Brak here for a holiday party with some of my favorite friends. Of course, they're all in jail after that hole Peter Pottomus shootout, so I had to invite new friends. And here come two now. (Dee Dee and Dexter puppets from Dexter's Laboratory Come on screen).

Dee Dee Puppet: Ooooooooooohhhhhh, what do these buttons do?

Dexter Puppet: There aren't even any buttons around here you fool. Anyway, it's great to be here, but the superiority of my intellegence barley is contained in the small volume found in the constraints of the children's recreation device I find myself being trapped in.

Brak Puppet: Yeah, those were some words buddy. (Doorbell) Oh look it's more guests. Come on in guys! (The Powerpuff Girls Puppets enter). Well, it's girl but I ain't complaining.

Buttercup Puppet: Hey Brak, what's the stich? Have any bad guys you want me to beat up?

Blossom Puppet: Now Buttercup, this is not a battle with villians, it's a holiday party, so drop the act.

Bubbles Puppet: Yeah, Christmas is coming! I hope Santa got me lots of crayons!

Zorak Puppet: (Comes on screen) This is getting boring. Time for everyone to die!! (Pulls out bomb and the screen explodes).

Brak Puppet: (Charred remains). But I never got any figgie pudding yet.

End FAKE Brak Puppet Party.



(Around a tree, a bunch of bug silohuettes gather).


(One bug silohuette opens his gift and it's a knive. He uses is to stab all the other bug silohuettes).

[adult swim]

And that's it. See you next, next week.