C&C - Black Clover - "To The Heart Kingdom!" [8/8]

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Opening Theme: Black Catcher v3 by Vickeblanka
Ending Theme: New Page by Intersection

Last Time: Gordon decides to pay his family a visit, to ask about the curse. Asta, Gauche, and Grey tag along. At first, they're freaked out by Gordon's bizarre family, until Gordon's father reveals that he actually uses his knowledge of curse magic to help people. He uses a magical map to show Asta and friends that another Black Bull is seemingly cursed - and more importantly, an even stronger curse is in the Heart Kingdom. Meanwhile, Dorothy reveals to Noelle that Noelle's mother was actually killed by a curse, and that the devil who cursed her is named Megicula.

This Time: The Black Bulls head to the Heart Kingdom to get more answers, but find themselves attacked!

NOTES: As always, no spoilers! Also, Black Clover will be on break for the next two weeks due to movie programming!


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lol as much Langris is a total jerk, he made a valid point about Finral's proclivities.

Heh heh, of course travel to the Heart Kingdom hinged on Mimosa happening. Guess we're going to get more tsundere antics.

Neat, an Undine is in the mix. Female water spirits/nymphs/faeries of myth. And contracts. One of the 4 Great Spirits. A Mana Zone that covers the whole kingdom. That's pretty epic.

And with the water connection, perhaps training there will benefit Noelle a lot.

First stage. Third stage. Ninth stage. Hmm, new power scale. But as Secre pointed out, biased.

So why were our heroes attacked as soon as they arrived in the Heart Kingdom?
I'm guessing they think Asta is the key to breaking that huge curse. Which has probably been done to the Heart Queen for some reason we'll find out about real soon, lol. I'm guessing that's why she can't see the future as Gaja mentioned. Hmm, which it probably very bad. Maybe that was done because the Spade Kingdom is planning to invade Heart Kingdom.

I suspect in the overall scheme of things the four kingdoms don't keep in touch nor are allies if the conflicts between the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms were any indication.


Jan 18, 2015
Asta and Noelle are going to the Heart Kingdom where there's a huge curse over there but they need access to go over there.

Finral got to see Finnes and his brother Langris who's down from what happened due to being possessed by an elf and how it affected the Vaude family. Finral was glad to see he's alright and he promises to get better enough to be able to take the Vaude family's name and marry Finnes.

As both brothers walk together, it was Langris's ploy to expose Finral's own "curse" about how he flirts with every woman he sees in spite of trying to stay loyal to Finnes. This begins Finral's journey in attempt to resist said temptations.

Mimosa actually visited the Heart Kingdom by Noble Exchange Program with her brother Kirsch much to her dismay back then so she'll get Asta and Noelle to come along.

Finral is with them on the trip to the Heart Kingdom and much to his dismay, so are Noelle and Mimosa along with Secre while he tries to hang on. Ironically, the two are more interested in Asta anyway.

Next day later and thankfully without long hiatus like another series, they have finally made it to the Heart Kingdom and it is a beautiful sight due to the nature setting. As it turns out, the ruler is watching through the waters and she show's interest in Asta who's possessed by his devil.

Gaja, a Spirit Guardian, welcomes them and explains the Heart Kingdom's ruler who's Mana Zone is massive enough to expand to the entire kingdom which explains how she is able to manipulate in said kingdom from long distance. He gives them drinks that are more delicious the mana they enhance with, which Asta was Noelle to do so because he doesn't have any. lol

After said welcome and drinks, Asta is immediately abducted and brought to the Heart Kingdom ruler while Noelle and others must rescue him even if they have to fend off Gaja. Asta is introduced to Undine, the Water Spirit who serves the Heart Kingdom leader.

Gaja is using runes to boost his lightning magic which is very unique to the Heart Kingdom and is giving the others trouble. Interesting to note, he dubs Noelle being First Stage while Finral is Third Stage and that Mimosa being a royal is Third Stage as well.

As explained by Undine who's giving Asta trouble and is aware of the Anti-Magic despite having no mana, the Heart Kingdom has its own magic tier system based on the talent and mana of others. 9th Stage being the weakest while the 1st is at top... only surpassed by Stage 0 which Gaja is due to using True Lightning Magic.

Secre comes to the rescue and her Sealing Magic surprises Undine while Noelle, Finral, and Mimosa use their teamwork to tell them "Screw Tiers!". Asta finally made it to the Queen and prepares to introduce himself to her face-to-face!

See ya in few weeks.


Mar 26, 2008
it was nice to learn about the Stages of power in the world of black cover
10 being the lowest and zero being the highest mage's power stage


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