C&C - Black Clover - "To Help Somebody Someday" [8/4]

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Previously on Black Clover:
Sekke flies to the Black Bulls hideout to get help for Asta and Gauche but finds most of them are drunk and Yami, having just woken up in a very bad mood, thinks Sekke is a debt collector. Neige is tricked and defeated by Gauche’s Mirror Clone. Sister Theresa restrains Baro while Asta begins nullifying the children’s hypnosis. Baro activates a signal transmitter. Sister Theresa mentions that she once trained Sister Lily who told her about Asta and his determination which inspires her every day. Sally, responding to the signal, appears through a portal. Sekke finally manages to explain that Asta and Gauche need help. Yami weighs up doing it himself, which he does not want to, or sending Gordon and Grey, both of whom are generally hard to communicate with. Sally outmanoeuvres and traps Asta and Gauche with her Gel magic. Sister Theresa burns away the gel and reveals she was once Theresa the Crimson She-Leopard of the Crimson Lions who trained Captain Fuegoleon when he was a child. Sally injects Baro with a magical substance that transforms him into a giant mud monster. Gauche flees with Marie, leaving Asta, Sister Theresa and the other children to die.

Tonight: Sally’s gel magic is extremely incompatible with Gauche’s mirror magic. She uses her dark magic item and turns Baro into a giant mud monster, which makes Gauche take Marie and flee .


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Previously on Black Clover: So is Gauche a villain now? I mean...I don't get what you're trying to do, Black Clover.


The kids are all wrong
"Damn Gauche, running away as he's always been!"
What do you expect, he's horny.

Ahh. Born into nobility. That explains the incest.

"And for the record, I totally did not kill your parents."

And now they're trying to justify his pedophilia.


Open bar knock yourself out
Its odd watching people have floating books around them, I know its the battle system but its beyond bizarre


The kids are all wrong
"I'm sure I'll be perfectly safe with Marco and the other unsupervised six-year-olds standing out here in the freezing cold with nothing but their jammies on."

Kids, he is not a role model. He's the kind of guy who turns up on reality news programs only to get arrested on camera.


Greetings from Honneamise
"What's so great about Asta, anyway?" Not much, Gauche, but you're so unlikable you make him look good.

"Is he insane, or just an idiot?" Yes.


The kids are all wrong
Yeah. Wizard King. We know. Shut up.

"I'll fight the best I can. So Marie will love me."

"Should I play my trump card?"
Why are you referencing Akame Ga Kill?

"That's what I call a foolproof strategy!"
"That's what I call a SLOPPY strategy."

Jeez, seems they'll let just about ANYONE into the Magic Knights.


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"Yeah, I'm not doing this out of morality or guilt or loyalty to my comrades, I'm just doing this to win my sister whom I'm in love with's approval. Clearly this is a win for me."

Oh Yami, you made the wrong call taking him in.


The kids are all wrong
Even with an incestuous pedophile, apparently. Don't see how.

Oh, so incestuous pedophilia can be a GOOD thing.
Told you they'd try to justify it.


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