C&C - Black Clover - "The One I've Set My Heart On" [6/30]


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Opening Theme: "PAiNT it BLACK" by BiSH
Ending Theme: "Amazing Dreams" by SWANKY DANK

Previously on Black Clover:

The Light Magic mage disappears with the stone tablet. The Wizard King returns Asta and his remaining prisoner to the city. Noelle is secretly happy he is safe, as are Klaus, Mimosa and Nero. Fuegoleon is revealed to be missing his jewel necklace which the Wizard King suspects is part of the stone tablet, now in possession of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the group behind the invasion. Nozel swears revenge for Fuegoleon’s injuries. Leopold decides to become Wizard King. The Wizard King concludes one of his Magic Knights must be a traitor. Fuegoleon remains unconscious. Sally begins experimenting on Asta’s blood. The mysterious master is revealed to have been injured by the Wizard King’s Time magic, his right arm aged to that of an old man. He is shown to have thousands of followers. Asta argues with Yuno who responds with a powerful wind attack Asta struggles to nullify. It is shown Sylph, only visible to Yuno, has made his magic even more powerful. At the Black Bull’s hideout Magna has finally earned a star whereas Asta reveals that for defeating the invasion he has been promoted to Junior Magic Knight, Third Class, meaning he now outranks Magna.

Tonight: Finral invites Asta and Luck to go to a mixer with him. Noelle hears about this and ends up following them because she’s concerned about Asta. To deepen her cover, she even gets a job at the pub they go to


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Previously on Black Clover: Well, that's another arc down. Is this series over yet?

Oh yeah, new opening. Forgot to update that in the OP.


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Last time: Whatever it was that ended last week ended. Honestly, I forgot what happened in last week's episode and I wasn't bothered to remember.


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Oh yes, more of the guy obsessing over his sister. BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUNNY THE FIRST 1,000 TIMES!

You know whoever-the-hell-wrote-this-series, you have to give these characters some DEPTH at some point!


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Some very serious concerns which will inevitably turn into something silly.

"Exploding Fireball." Such a generic attack name. I thought all fireballs exploded.

Thankfully most girls find incest and/or pedophilia to be a turnoff.



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"Alright, everyone go around the table and introduce yourselves."

"Hi, I'm Asta, and I'm in a s**tty anime"

"Hi Asta"

More pixelation? Jeez that FCC meeting must have been serious.


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"He just squeezed that lemon right on the chicken!"

LMAO I don't even know why that made me laugh! It's karaage, it's okay to do that with a slice of lemon!


The kids are all wrong
Cripes, Noelle, why don't you just confess your feelings for him and be done with it?

Oh, the toilet lizard guy. I barely remember him.


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