C&C - Black Clover - "The Lion Awakens" [9/19]

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Opening Theme: Stories by Snowman
Ending Theme: Answer by Kaf

Last Time: Asta and Yuno (along with Noelle and Secre) go to visit the orphanage. Father Orsi reveals that they have opened a school for the children, having been inspired by Asta and Yuno's recent triumphs. The former bullies have redeemed themselves, and Nash has begun training in earnest. This helps Asta and Yuna steel their resolves.

This Time: Mereoleona once again kidnaps the Black Bulls for some intense training.

NOTES: Like always, no spoilers. Post spoilers, and you'll be forced to undergo harsh training too!


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Yay, Mereoleona is back! :D First victim, Magna. heh heh. "Should do something about that weak door" lmao.

And Leopold and Fuegoleon, too!

"It's real?" :D :D

Oh yeah, not everyone knew about Mana Skin.

Hmm, man-made mana in a mutant beast, a possible curse, and now a dungeon entrance. The plot thickens. :)


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