C&C - Black Clover - "The Devil Megicula" [8/29]

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Opening Theme: Black Catcher v3 by Vickeblanka
Ending Theme: New Page by Intersection

Last Time: Mimosa acquires invitations to the Heart Kingdom, and she offers to let some of the Black Bulls accompany her so that they can locate the person who has a curse. However, the Black Bulls are quickly attacked by a man named Gaja after they enter the kingdom; apparently, the queen wants Asta's demon for herself. While most of the Black Bulls battle Gaja, Asta is whisked away to the palace, where he and Nero fight against Undine, a water spirit.

This Time: As the queen makes her entrance, will Asta and the others get the answers they need?

NOTES: After a two week break, Black Clover returns. It will now be airing at 1:30 Eastern Time. And remember, no spoilers! Thanks.


Greetings from Honneamise
They've got to get stronger... to protect their friends!

Yami needs some stool softener.

So Johnny Yong Bosch has joined the voice cast. Huh.


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Loropechika. Loropechika. Gonna be a fun one to spell. But a nerdy and clumsy queen, that was nice little way to subvert our expectations. Pretty hilarious she does the opposite of the Undine like shows her curse right away. But wow, the power she wields.

I bet we might be seeing the last and 4th Guardian Spirit soon enough, too. Of Earth I guess. Sylph and Salamander are the other 2 I take it?

Ah yes, the show-how-strong-the-new-villain-is-by-having-him-sweep-the-old-villains-like-pile-of-leaves gimmick. Nice knowing ya, Diamond Kingdom. And top it off with not even Luck wanting to fight him.

Magic stage. Arcane stage. Interesting.

Of course Yami would be taking a dump. lmao. "Pooping is crucial"? Ok, she'll fit in nice. Yami needs to find a Pepto Mage to recruit to the squad. :D

But eh, this means a training arc doesn't it?

Love the new intro and outro. Gray pranking Charmy and Secre standing on the pointy roof by habit was cute.
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That water spirit really spoils the queen.

I guess it wouldn't be a Shonen series without a "this villain is even stronger moment", but I wish we had actually gotten to see him wreck those Diamond soldiers on screen.


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