C&C - Black Clover - "The Black Bulls Captain vs. The Crimson Wild Rose" [11/23]

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Dec 14, 2008
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Last Time: Hundreds of years ago, a young Licht meets a human woman named Tetia, and her brother. Licht and Tetia fall in love, and plan a wedding to unite the humans and elves, but on the day of, all the elves are murdered by a light spell. Another elf named Patry believes that Tetia's brother is responsible. Before his death, Licht activated a reincarnation spell, causing Patry to wake up in the body of Vangeance. Passing himself on as Licht, Patry revived Rhya, Fana, and Vetto, and went around collecting the magic stones to revive his race.

This Time: Yami is confronted by Charlotte, who is now possessed by an elf.

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Jan 18, 2015
You know for a series that has been looked down upon in comparison to others, bet many of you didn't see all this coming.

Last week, Licht who is actually Patry has now completed in reincarnating the elves within the bodies of humans such as Rhya, now Yuno, and about half of the Magic Knights that were just fighting against the Eye of the Midnight of the Sun! Including Aqua Deer Captain Rill and Black Bulls' own Luck and Gauche along his sister Marie!

Mimosa is now alone with Klaus, Yuno, and Hamon becoming elves and not the FRIENDLY kind even! Now all the elves are beginning their attack on the Clover Kingdom!

Not just them, even the Wizard King's own aide Marx and doctor Owen that get taken over by elves as they attack Yami and sporting a significant power increase!

Yami defeats them while taking care of Julius's corpse and he noted that despite that the two were non-combatants, they had a big power boost after becoming elves. And cue Charlotte, who is now possessed by an elf and has a power increase as well!

Yami is forced to fight Charlotte while trying to reach her and Sol arrived to try to save Charlotte but isn't strong enough and even though she is distrusting of Yami because she's a man, she then ends up begging him to save her which he accepts and leaves her to look after Julius's body.

Now we go back to EotMS HQ and Luck has become an elf, while sporting a bloodthirsty grin as he faces Noelle and Kirsch.


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Well, the writing was on the wall like when Licht, I think, talked to Gauche like he was another person. But still, the enemy was among them the whole time. Insanity! Definitely a game changer now that a lot of Magic Knights are suddenly revenge-thirsty elves.


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Nov 9, 2016
Elf possession? I guess the people possessed by elves will be the real danger after most of the Eye of the Midnight Sun was taken care of. Considering how boring most of that group was, especially the human members, and the more sympathetic backstory of the elves, this antagonist switch-up is pretty welcome.
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