C&C - Black Clover - "Return" - [7/18]

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Opening Theme: Black Catcher v3 by Vickeblanka
Ending Theme: New Page by Intersection

Last Time: Nero reminisced about her time watching Asta on his journey.

This Time: The Black Bulls return to their base, but Yami's magical beasts end up escaping.

NOTES: Following two recap episodes, this episode...is a one-shot filler. That said, it's pretty pleasant and an overall good time. We return to manga canon next week, so no spoilers!


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Jul 13, 2003
Still a filler, but at least this was a new story and not a clip show. Kind of wrap up some loose ends like setting the base back up and recapturing Yami's beasts. On that note, totally forgot it was never revealed where the beasts came from. Yami does have a thing for fellow strays, heh. Yami vetoing the common room and staying with the beasts was standard Yami hilarity that I always love. "Still No!" :D


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