C&C - Black Clover - "Nero Reminisces... Part One" [6/27]

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Opening Theme: Black Catcher v3 by Vickeblanka
Ending Theme: New Page by Intersection
Last Time: Asta and Nero are arrested, and Damnatio calls for their execution. Fortunately, the Black Bulls break into the courtroom and demand Asta and Nero's release. Yami attacks Damnatio, but is stopped by Fuegoleon and Nozel. They reveal that the Wizard King has assigned an important task to the Black Bulls; investigating the devils. Damnatio is forced to let Asta goes, but warns that if Asta fails, there will be dire consequences. Damnatio also meets up with Julius, who convinces him to trust the Black Bulls.

This Time: Nero remembers past events.

NOTES: So, unfortunately, this episode (and the next episode) is a recap. I know this is really bad timing, considering that Toonami doesn't even have too many new episodes to watch at the moment, but it is what it is. On the bright side, we get a new-ish opening tonight.


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A recap, but it's nice to have all the back story and reveals from the past arcs ordered chronologically into one episode before we head into the devil investigation arc.
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