C&C - Black Clover - "Humans Who Can Be Trusted" [4/4]

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Dec 14, 2008
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Last Time: The possessed Dorothy Unsworth traps a few of the Bulls inside her dream world, where she has absolute control. At first, the Bulls seem safe, thanks to Vanessa's protective spell and Charmy's unlimited food, but they soon begin to get drowsy, a side effect of the dream world. However, Sally discovers a loophole in Dorothy's powers that she exploits to create an exit. Meanwhile, Asta's group continues to fight against Gauche. Henry commits to helping Asta, even if it costs him his life.

This Time: Henry comes up with a dangerous plan to defeat the possessed Gauche.

NOTES: As always, no spoilers. Also, all the shows will be on break next week (and maybe beyond that?) due to the Coronavirus effecting the dubbing/recording of a few of the shows. Hopefully Black Clover returns sooner rather than later.


Jan 18, 2015
We got another episode continuing the two big fights against two of the Apostles of Sephora who possessed Dorothy and Gauche w/ Marie!

The Black Bulls with Sally try to exit out but Reve already put a stop to that. So they had another plan to defeat her which is to have HER break them out.

Her? None other than Dorothy herself who's soul is in within a life-sized doll created by Black Bull's magic and brought to life by Reve who mistakenly thought her as real! Clever thinking!

Dorothy who's awake, she's actually very energetic for a lady who sleeps a lot. Considering her dream world, who wouldn't want to keep sleeping? She's also 27 years old, taking the spot from Charmy who's 19 as "the little girl who's actually older". lol Now things starts to turn.

Henry prepared to sacrifice himself to stop Droit by sucking the mana out of him via getting in range, which isn't enough due to the elves having massive amount of mana.

Asta, Gordon, and Grey responded by refusing to let Henry die and not only saved him but also defeat both Droit and Ezra!

As Gauche and Marie are being freed from control, it turns out that the royals in the past were the ones who attacked the elves with magical item and draining their mana for themselves. The worst part? They didn't care for the Princess who died because of her baby being half-elf.

Asta understood what they went through and is warned by Droit about the consequences of the power he has before resting in peace.

Gauche finally back to normal, resists trying to be friendly to the Black Bulls who saved him. After relenting, he thanks them showing that he does love them back.

Right on cue, the Dream Battle between Dorothy and Reve was so epic that it destroyed Glamour World, freeing the others and then defeating Reve now that she's out of her comfort zone!

The Black Bulls are reunited and ready to fight again as a team! While Finral is still resting...

Brilliant showcases of teamwork that separates Black Clover form other Shonen battle series and Dorothy is great herself as another addition to the great female cast!


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Clever idea to trick Reve into "making" Dorothy but what a shocker she was so chipper since all we saw of her before was her dozing off. I also found the 27 years old gag pretty funny. It's always amusing when Charmy gets worked up.

Guess that answers that question. Henry does have an upper limit to how much mana he can absorb and thus, he can't drain an elf. But yeah right, no way the others would have let him sacrifice himself. And Gauce is back to being Gauce. Makes sense he would understand his elf the same way William did because of his past.

It was an interesting move there for Reve and Droit to understand them. But Droit's memory was troubling. There's no way what he saw with the royals was real, it had to have been an illusion or something.


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