C&C - Black Clover - "Fierce Battle" [6/22]

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Dec 14, 2008
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Last Time: Asta's team fights in the first match of the exams. However, right as the battle begins, "Zora" immediately falls asleep, leaving Asta and Mimosa to handle things themselves. However, they end up being aided by a bunch of trap spells, which it turned out were the work of "Zora". They then make quick work of the opposing team.

This Time: As the matches begun heating up, Asta asks "Zora" why he even bothered taking the exam.

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Jan 18, 2015
So many knights I hope Zora gets a crack at...

And does anyone have a cool brother in this show? lol.
Fuegoleon is still sleeping and Finral's the older brother by the way. lol

You wouldn't expect Kirsch to be narcissistic and yet is very knowledgeable of how to help his teammates hence his being Vice-Captain of Coral Peacocks.
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Kirsch is pretty entertaining, dismissal of Asta aside. I'm sure Mimosa and Asta will deliver his humble pie to him in due time, but for now, he's pretty fun to watch.

Also, Yuno is basically Asta's cool brother (and they're both the cool brothers to the other kids at the church), so that's something.

P.S.: I've been gone long enough that it's probably too late to comment on this, but did Mimosa's voice get higher from the recap episode with the Golden Dawn onward?


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