C&C - Black Clover - "Bad Blood" [7/6]

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Dec 14, 2008
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Last Time: Round 5 begins, as it is revealed that the mysterious Mage X is actually Rill Boismortier, the Captain of the Aqua Deers. His butler, Walter, remembers how Rill once had trouble controlling his magic, but once he joined the magic knights, he ended up becoming the youngest captain ever. Back in the present, Rill's team wins after he reveals his ability - he can use any type of magic as long as he can paint it.

This Time: As the tournament continues, Noelle faces off against one of her brothers...

NOTES: Like always, no spoilers or uncivil behavior. Thanks!


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Apr 9, 2005
Does the creator of this series have anything against letters with even-numbered values? So far, Teams A, C, E, G and I have won.

And now, so has K.

Whoa, John Lennon's looking stoned there.

Oh, Team P breaks it up. Thought Noelle would be cursed there.
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Jan 18, 2015
Luck, Klaus, and Puli of Team K have won their fight and will be facing Rill's team next round.

We go to see En and his hilarious Mushroom Magic who is surprisingly a family man and wants Noelle to beat the crap out of Solid.

Alecdora's jealousy towards Yuno being favored by William is discussed here and then being shut down by Yuno without having Sylph's assist.

Noelle got to shine by OHKOing her abusive sibling and destroying the crystal all at once. She actually progressed a lot even by Shonen Jump Heroine standards unlike those of certain series.


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Jul 13, 2003
Would it be much to say Alecdora has an unhealthy complex? That was clutch to cast a spell within Alecdora's spell and without Sylph.

Mushroom Magic really cut the tension. lol. But cheers for someone calling out Solid and being a total ass.

But yes, the highlight was Noelle wiping the floor with Solid with Sea Dragon's Roar and shattering the crystal in one move.


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Nov 9, 2016
Noelle actually beat her jerk brother in a Saitama style beatdown? Okay, that was a brief but satisfying fight. That and that prankster guy are the two good elements of this arc. There's still some boring fights and characters, but this arc is at least more focused and less overcrowded than the last.


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