C&C - Black Clover - "A Reunion Across Time And Space" [5/23]

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Opening Theme: Black Catcher by Vickeblanka
Ending Theme: New Page by Intersection

Last Time: Zagred forms a giant mass of evil magic that threatens to drain the magic from everyone else. Fortunately, Asta's anti-magic makes him the safest person in the room. Meanwhile, Asta's bird flies to Finral and talks to him, telling him to take her to the First Wizard King's statue, where they place the stones Patry had collected. After the stones are placed, the statue becomes the actual Wizard King, Lumiere Silvamillion Clover. At the same time, Asta's bird transforms into a young woman, Secre Swallowtail. Lumiere and Secre head towards the enemy base. On the way, they remember 500 years ago, when Lumiere was trying to create a more equal society and preparing for a wedding, where his sister would marry an elf. Unfortunately, on the day of his sister's wedding, Lumiere is attacked by Zagred, who then went on to massacre the elves. Lumiere arrives too late to help, appearing in time to see Licht transform into the giant demon of legend. Licht then asks Lumiere to kill him.

This Time: The flashback continues as we learn more about Lumiere and Secre's history.

NOTES: As always, absolutely no spoilers! Thank you!


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Yay, Licht is all good! That was a killer move at the end but too easy, saw Zagred coming back a mile away. The talking heart was pretty creepy.

Like Asta with his friends and spurring them to train and get stronger, Lumiere has helped Secre level up and find new spells. Great parallel.

Yami's "Are you sure you're possessed?" line was awesome. :D

Woot, wish we could have seen how Charmy won but a win's a win!

"Using magic from this world anyway." Oh snap, so either Asta or Yami are the only ones who can kill him?
Studio Pierrot went ALL OUT with the fight scenes for this chapter to the point they begin working the next episode right after that to get the momentum going. This is part of what makes Black Clover REALLY great!

We now go back to the beginning of how it all started from the very first episode, that a heroic tale was actually a tragic one with Lumiere, the First Wizard King who gained his title by being a legend, is forced to fight and kill Licht who turned himself into a demon to prevent the Word Soul Devil from seizing his body.

As Licht managed to try to regain control, Lumiere manages to finish him off and become the hero to the Clover Kingdom. Secre seals the Word Soul Devil to prevent him from getting away thanks to her training to make her magic stronger.

Secre uses the magic stones in order to use forbidden magic to prevent the Word Soul Devil from seizing Licht's Grimoire, who in turn uses the stones by casting the forbidden magic to reincarnate the elves centuries later to continue his plan.

Secre then sacrifices her humanity to preserve Lumiere's life by turning him to stone so he can be revived in the future, before becoming the bird Nero and waited over 500 years until Asta is able to take ownership of Licht's Grimoire.

Asta, Yuno, and Patry arrive to fight the Devil who plans to use the spell he conjured to suck the life out of everyone in the Shadow Palace.

Lumiere and Secre appears at last to finally face the Devil once and for all as well as seeing Licht again. They realize that Licht's soul remained half-asleep so Secre used her Sealing Magic to fully awake him so he's now his 100 percent self.

Licht and Patry reunites and the former is well aware of how the latter was fooled into causing all this but regardless, he knows he did his best.

Lumiere and Licht teams up and lay the smackdown on the Devil, who counters by making a trident that breaks down any spell. Asta counters with his Demon-Slayer Sword showing his Anti-Magic works successfully against the attack. Asta, Yuno, Lumiere, and Licht work in tandem to fight off the Devil.

Yami and Charla are still with each other hiding from the Devil's evil magic, while Charlotte is likely freaking out over being this close to Yami. Apparently, his magic might also be the key to defeating him... Then Charla's magic is being siphoned by Licht along with the other elves in the Shadow Palace via Demon-Dweller Sword.

Licht used his ultimate attack from the power of the Demon-Dweller Sword to destroy the Devil and it worked... but his heart was the only thing remained and he uttered "Heal me." which restored his body again!

Asta saw how Licht was able to use his sword, so he decides to fully tap into his own sword to use the Anti-Magic in the way he can because he has NO magic. The climax begins next episode!


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This episode's animation direction and cinematography seems to be the most inspired of the series and it shows that Studio Pierrot has a history of slick action anime (Bleach, Naruto, YuYu Hakusho). Before the elf arc, it did seem like they were going through the motions and that Black Clover was the B project compared to Boruto (although a few pre elf arc fights like Yami vs. Licht were pretty well animated). I'm hoping the finale is as eye catching as this episode.


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