C&C - Attack on Titan - "The Basement" [7/6]

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Jul 13, 2003
Thanks for posting that unaired scene, @veemonjosh. I wonder what the reasoning is, cut for time?

Makes sense Hange is going to succeed Erwin and Armin will be her second, essentially.

I had a feeling this episode was going to be about milking it to the basement and we'd barely get any reveals. But at least it confirms there's a more advanced human society out there Grisha is from. And presumably Reiner, Bertholdt, whoever the Beast Titan is, Annie, and whoever the quardoped Titan is.

But there's 3 episodes left. Please let there be more answers coming... can they just be entire episodes of them reading the 3 books? :p
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Nov 12, 2018
I dont know why that scene was cut,guess runtime but weather they cut the op completly for an episode like they do sometimes for Naruti then just remove important post credit scenes. Also don't worry Yojimbo the next two episodes will answer a lot of questions of the series.
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Aug 25, 2002
Man, of all the episodes for them to remove a post-credits scene from...

I'm not sure who messed that up, but someone sure as hell did. I was really looking forward to seeing the reactions to


Edit: Here's the post-credits scene that was removed:

Looks like DeMarco is going to look into this and see if it happened on their end or Funimation's:

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Sep 30, 2005
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Looks like DeMarco is going to look into this and see if it happened on their end or Funimation's:
Thing is, I have to wonder what good it'd do now from an audience perspective if they did manage to get it now. Ideally they'd tack the post-credits scene onto the start of next week's episode, but I expect, at most, they'll just play it on the next Pre-Flight (does anyone still watch Pre-Flight?).


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Nov 9, 2016
Demarco has just discovered what happened. Adult Swim themselves cut the scene not realizing how integral the scene was and they plan on showing it on Facebook tonight. This incident was yet another example of Adult Swim doing something to anger anime fans. I'm hoping that things can eventually cool off.

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May 11, 2007
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Warning, things are going to get uncomfortably political starting next episode.
Given some of what I've heard about this twist beforehand and especially the armbands in the flashback, I'm already worried about the political overtones of the next few episodes.

Anyway, I thought that this episode was pretty good. It was nice to see them dealing with the aftermath of Armin's revival. Admittedly, I think that could have used more time than just less than half of the episode, but they didn't quickly gloss over it either. Armin was understandably feeling guilty that they chose to revive him instead of Erwin, but it was a pretty difficult situation all around. There was no easy solution to save both of them, but story wise, keeping Armin alive made more sense, even though it did really undermine the emotional impact of his death scene. Hange taking over Erwin with Armin being her second-in command made sense. It still doesn't sound like it was completely resolved for Armin, but it was dealt with long enough for Erin's group to go to the basement.

Erin and Mikasa seeing their past while walking through the destroyed city was pretty fitting. This was the first time they had just been able to walk around without having to deal with Titans, so a lot of memories would rush through them. It was pretty funny how Levi just kicked the door open after the key didn't work. It still took awhile for them to find it, but they found what Erin's key was meant to unlock.

Of course, we just jump right to when they come back from the mission, but we see a bit of their reaction to their discovery. The twist that there are other people outside of the wall wasn't a huge shock. The photograph alone proved that to be the case before we even got to the flashback. Plus, it seemed like a pretty likely twist. They left the past so mysterious and vague that the notion that the people inside of the wall aren't the only remaining part of humanity was pretty believable.

It was weird to see Adult Swim cut another important post-credit scene, but at least they eventually made up for it. Admittedly, my first reaction was how Grisha has Midoriya's voice actor during his childhood flashback, but I was still taken back by seening the Zeppelin in the sky. It doesn't look extremely more advanced technology wise than what the main cast is used to, but it's still pretty noticeable when their only method of transportation are horses. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

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