C&C - Attack on Titan Season 3 - "Smoke Signal" [8/18] (SEASON PREMIERE)

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The kids are all wrong
Last season:

Eren's now a Titan caller...

Reiner and Bertolt were playing for the other team this whole time...



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Oh, Eren. The season has just started and already you're stressing out about something.

Sasha; the only person on this show with some personality.


The kids are all wrong
So this is basically a season two recap?

No happiness without my lesbian.

Can't say this was an act of God.

Hange's most fearsome weapon is sarcasm.

All he could give them were name, rank, and diocese.

Church and state are separate for a reason.
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It's bad enough they have to fight against Titans. Now they have to fight against their own people.

Well...this just got really uncomfortable.
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The kids are all wrong
A return to the old switcheroo plan.

Amateur kidnappers, and one of them is a pedophile apparently.

That's not a woman, that's a MAN, BABY!!

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