C.B. Cebulski is Akira Yoshida

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Mar 11, 2005
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Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski has admitted to using the pseudonym "Akira Yoshida" to write multiple comic books in the mid-2000s, as reported Tuesday by Bleeding Cool. This revelation has caused waves on social media, with observers questioning both the business ethics implications of Cebulski using a pen name as a writer while employed as a Marvel editor, and criticism that a Caucasian using a Japanese name to write manga-influenced comics is tantamount to yellowface; especially given the continued lack of diversity among creators in the mainstream North American comic book market. [. . .]

Akira Yoshida is credited as writing several high-profile comic book series between 2004 and 2005, mostly for Marvel but also Dark Horse Comics. Titles by "Yoshida" include Thor: Son of Asgard, Wolverine: Soultaker and Elektra: The Hand for Marvel, and Hellboy: Weird Tales and Conan and the Demons of Khitai for Dark Horse. Cebulski's last credit as Yoshida was Conan and the Demons of Khitai #4, released in early 2006. Right around this time, Cebulski's writing career under his own name began to take off, with comics such as Marvel's New Mangaverse and X-Men Fairy Tales.


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Mar 22, 2002
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LOL...I really liked most of what Akira Yoshida wrote, back in those mid-2000's period, but didn't care for the work of Cebulski.

And this guy is the new Editor in Chief at Marvel?!?!



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