"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season Five Talkback (Spoilers)

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It has been a very big week for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Cancelled one day by FOX, renewed by NBC the next for season six. Tonight's penultimate fifth season episode is starting right now on its soon to be former home, FOX.

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"White Whale"
Sunday, May 13, 2014 @ 8:30 p.m. ET/7:30 CT on FOX
Rosa and Amy work together to take down a ruthless killer who they have struggled to apprehend over the last seven years.

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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Brooklyn Nine-Nine "White Whale"

I can't believe Fox canceled this show, Lucifer, and The Last Man On Earth. What is WRONG with that network?

I like this episode. Frankly I thought the idea that Amy screwed over Rosa years ago and didn't fess up was out of character. But the show was insightful enough to have her explain exactly why she did that, and the explanation made sense, and was totally believable. A lot of times shows have characters do jerkish things that are out of character for the characters who do them. What these shows should be doing is giving these characters plausible reasons for doing the terrible things. It makes it not only easier for the character wronged to forgive them, but the audience too.

I love Jake smashing the window. That was kind of awesome.

I've decided I like Olivia. She cannot resist getting a last jab in at Holt's age even after she saves him by pointing out she uses email because she isn't a million years old. I accept this outcome, especially since Ray turned down the stupid seeming whisper campaign, and was responsible for saving her nomination a few weeks ago. I hope he wins. The guy he's up against sounds like a total tool.

I love that this episode gave Amy a good reason for having done something that seems completely out of character. That is totally refreshing, and unlike every other show I watch. I can't believe Fox canceled something this amazing. Good for NBC for picking it up. ****1/2.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
2,623 7
Framingham, MA
Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Jake & Amy"

When Amy is talking about uncertainty and facing whatever future is ahead of them together, that is the show acknowledging it might get canceled. Fortunately NBC picked it up at the last minute, but that moment was made in the event it WAS actually the series finale. I liked it.

I don't seem to recall Teddy being this funny back when he was dating Amy.

I like that Rosa starts digging the cab driver precisely when Terry doesn't want her to anymore. Man, Terry botched every part of that job, didn't he? I was a bit surprised.

Speaking of which, I should be shocked that Gina was going to wear a white dress to Amy's wedding, but I'm not. I've sort of given up hope that Gina is any less than the single worst person who ever lived.

When Teddy points out that they shouldn't just take the word of a criminal when he claims he didn't do it, I love how frustrated and upset Jake is that he's actually right. He practically spits out the words, "That's actually a really good point," in complete rage.

Charles' sex tape joke was easily the worst one the show ever did. It was deliberately the worst, to show what a creep Charles is, but I am well aware that this is the first one that isn't totally golden.

I love that Jake is actually excited over the idea that his arch-nemesis is sexually obsessed with him ("That would be SO cool!") and I loved him telling Boyle to put his picture on Amy's stalker's wall. Don't forget to scratch out the eyes!

Jake will really get married anywhere. He is truly the cop who should say "King Kong has nothing on me!"

I'm relieved the show got picked up, but I also like that since they didn't know, they made the cliffhanger a personnel change announcement. Which was how they ended season 1. If the show hadn't come back, I wouldn't have felt especially ripped off. Nobody was in prison or witness protection. And I like that the series tried to work as a series finale just in case. But they couldn't resist a little suspense at the end anyways. Because we can NOT read Holt's face. At all. ****1/2.


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