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^What are most of them?
We're speaking of the linear Boomerang US channel, right? By "most" I mean what's being broadcast/aired or what has been aired on the channel. I'd say all excluding bumpers/promos, unless if there's a glitch where the wrong master is played (as mentioned earlier), per FCC Closed Captioning standard.

I do remember some content not having CC on Cartoon Network back in 2003 though...


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Have any of you who have DirecTV noticed that the original Mega Man cartoon show is listed in the guide? But there's no way they could have picked up that show at the last minute

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Didn't notice until today, Boomerang for at least Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! started playing a batch of S2 episodes, possibly since Monday. The 9:30 episode tonight is "Scroogey Doo". Now, I don't recall this one being shown overnight back when the episodes near it were played, so there's a possibility this isa Boomerang premier, unless I missed it on TV already. Anyone know for sure about this?

Additionally, "Halloween" which was shown free on the app/site back in '17 I'm assuming had its first TV play already given seeing it as an upcoming airing via zap2it, but an earlier episode, as I don't believe that one was done overnight either if it could be confirmed. I kept a self-certainty that and "Scroogey Doo" were the only 2 non-televised episodes, until the latter airs tonight.

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Although I did like some of the now dead Jetix block's programming in the past, It did ate up most of Toon Disney's airtime to the point where it felt like it was Vice-Versa which annoyed me when I was younger.
Call me weird, but I seem to prefer The Little Mermaid's series more than the trilogy. I also have a AU in development at Post something random where some characters of the series as well as fictional ones are included.
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