Boomerang (US) News & Discussion II: Rebrand

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Apr 17, 2011
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Wherever You Are ;)
Monotonous times for stealth premiers back again I see. Is rather surprising there are some repeats. "Art of War" to TT&JS is another example.

Here I was thinking the stealth would stop a while with classic LT & TJ removed from overnights.

This also likely means these next batch of stealth episodes can soon be expected on the app, has been the case thus far.

(my gosh have I not been on here much at least to update the main page)


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Yeah I'm probably not coming back
I was just about to say "Where's Gridman?" on that Crunchyroll streaming thread.
DISH had recent upgrades on the 61.5 orbital slot this early morning. My signal strengths got increased and transponders were moved to another.

How Cartoon Network and TBS moved to other transponders. :P
What I love from the commercial studio Psyop, is the Cricket Wireless critters (known as the Cricketters) in different shapes and colored in Green, Yellow and Blue. So imaginative and cute! :)
Most Europeans here don't know about the old Grinch Christmas special. Even in Portugal.