Big Hero 6: The Series "The Bot Fighter" Talkback (Spoilers)

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She seem to be sad or regretful when he was hugging her at the end of the episode.

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Yeah! I get the vibe that she's fallen in love with Hiro. I know, I know. A robot falling in love with a teen age boy, she's only just met.
Ridiculous. But remember she was "sent" to entice him away from the team.



Deborah Bispo so epic and hot!!!!!
The Bot Fighter was pretty sweet,

Loved Mini-Max's great returns previous episodes.

Various battle bots committing crimes is interesting.

Trina is pretty cool and hot, Christy Carlson Romano(Kim Possible) as her, awesome:anime:.

Hiro going undercover and getting a new girlfriend in Trina was great, she's better than Karmi, hehehe:D.

Poor Hiro arrested and grounded by Aunt Cass.

Yama's ballerina dance hobby was great/funny.

Trina, my favorite awesome new villain next to Barb/Juniper, Mole, and Orso Knox, Trina being the culprit was a great surprising twist and committing crimes with battle bots, great evil plan:D.

Fred, Wasabi, Honey, and Go Go vs. the giant battle robot was cool.

Trina a robot created by Obake to want more information on Hiro, cool/surprising, poor Hiro will find out her dark secret.


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