Big Hero 6: The Series "Small Hiro One" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Check out a new episode of Big Hero 6: The Series, today at 9:00AM ET on the Disney Channel!

Big Hero 6: The Series "Small Hiro One"

Episode Debut - July 28th, 2018

Hiro becomes frustrated when he is deemed too young to attend a science workshop hosted by SFIT's most famous alumnus, Dr. Trevor Trengrove.


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This was a very good one. I knew something was up with Trevor the moment he was introduced. Even the possibility of him being a fraud was there. Karmi had being kicked out coming to her, but she still gets some sympathy. Fred was funny. Especially with his rivalry with Brooke. She even ruined his origin story. I did expect to see Yama coming back after his defeat at the beginning. I especially didn't expect him to be blackmailing Trevor. Didn't see Yama's upgraded robot being defeated by baking soda and vinegar as well. I thought they would've defeated it by bypassing the defense by going through it softly like Honey Lemon did with the pencil. Trevor was a jerk throughout the episode, and it was obvious he stole Wendy Wower's thesis, but it was nice that he has actually felt guilty ever since and will be making things right. It seems like they were very close friends until the theft, and I can safely assume that friendship will be repaired now. Now we have a new mystery with Prof. Granville. An obvious answer would be that she loved working at the school, but I get the feeling that there's a lot more to it then that. Like why did she leave in the first place? Was she fired? And who was the boy in the photo with her?

The only disappointments I had were that this wasn't a super-villain-free episode (The beginning scene was an exception) so we can have an episode of the heroes being heroes without their suits in a non-hostile scenario, and that we didn't get to see Tadasha Hamada's book signed by the real genius. But these are only minor complaints.


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Great episode except for the forced third-act redemption for Trevor. They just made him way too creepy and unlikable throughout the episode for me to really buy into that. I actually think they did a better job redeeming Karmi here - she was a jerk at the start, but it was hard to stay mad at her at seeing more of how neurotic ("Wait, I don't want to be in your picture!") and socially awkward she is (her song to the kids was priceless). Plus her little bonding moment with Hiro - who, by the way, can give as good as he gets from her which is why I think this potential "Slap Slap Kiss" dynamic actually works - the guy in the equation isn't a total pushover.

Also, the kid with Granville in the yearkbook photo at the end there? Obake. Totally Obake.
Agreed that the kid in the photo has to be Obake giving he wanted yama to steal Granville's paper weight in the first first two episode and that hasn't been mention again since so obviously there is a connection between them.

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Big Hero 6 "Small Hiro One"

I really liked the character of Wendy. She turned out to be pretty amazing.

Fred's stuff with the kid Brooke was pretty funny too. ***1/2.


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I really liked this one. Well, I really liked Wendy, anyway. She seemed to have a very genuine love of science, with no qualms about dumbing it down to educate little kids despite being a super genius. I'm glad that they didn't go with her being the creepy-enthusiastic type. Instead, Trevor ended up being the creepy one.

Speaking of Trevor, how exactly will he pay her back? It appears that he has some sort of tech empire, or at least is very famous. Meanwhile Wendy stars in some small educational kids show. Will he simply give everything he worked for to her? Will they become partners? Also, why was he so clueless about science if he managed to get in SFIT in the first place?

This was also a great episode for Karmi, despite her not having a more significant role. She seemed to have gotten some development, finally. And I would really have liked to see what convinced her (a socially awkward loner) to publicly sing a song for an audience.

Also, that was definitely Obake, hince the extra emphasis. I thought that he would be older than that though. Unless the Dean is much older than she appears..
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