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"Big Hero 6: The Series" News & Discussion Thread, Part 1 (Spoilers)

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Updated November 3rd, 2016

Image credit: Marvel, Disney
Big Hero 6 is a new animated series coming to Disney XD in 2017, picking up immediately following the riveting events of the feature film. To help tell this new story, a whole cast of familiar voices have returned to reprise their roles from the movie: Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass; Jamie Chung as electromagnetics specialist Go Go; Scott Adsit as everyone’s favorite inflatable health assistant, Baymax; Alan Tudyk as tech guru Alistair Krei; Ryan Potter as robotics prodigy Hiro; Genesis Rodriguez as the bubbly chemist Honey Lemon; David Shaughnessy as the butler, Heathcliff; and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee as Fred’s dad.
The super team is rounded out by newcomers Khary Payton (The Lion Guard) as laser specialist Wasabi and Brooks Wheelan (Saturday Night Live) as everyone’s favorite mascot by day—and also by night—Fred. Additional newcomers to the series include Jenifer Lewis (black-ish) as strict Professor Granville, Andrew Scott (Sherlock) as mysterious new villain Obake, comedian Andy Richter as Globby, Diedrich Bader (American Housewife) as Bluff Dunder, Susan Sullivan (Castle) as Fred’s mother, Sean Giambrone (The Goldbergs) as Richardson Mole, John Ross Bowie (Speechless) as Mel, and Haley Tju (Bella and the Bulldogs) as classmate Karmi.
Returning to the super hero storytelling arena are executive producers and Emmy® Award winners Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, and Nick Filippi, originally known for their global hit Disney Channel Series Kim Possible, another story about tech-powered super-teens saving the day. Filippi is also the supervising director of the series.
Source: D23.com article.
Looks like the movie is going to be a show, and it is headed for Disney XD.

Disney’s Oscar-winning film, which is based on the Marvel comics of the same name, is being adapted into an animated series on Disney XD. The show hails fromKim Possible creator Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, and has started production for a 2017 premiere.
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Because the original BH6 movie threads were in the Marvel Animation forum, I decided to move this thread there. This is very exciting news, and actually might allow more of San Fransokyo to be seen than what a theatrical sequel could accomplish.


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I'm more excited that Mark McCorkel and Bob Schooley are working on it. They did an amazing job on Buzz Lightyear and Kim Possible, so I can't wait.


I'm curious to see if they're going use any source material from the comics. It'd be cool to see some other members from the group like Sunfire and Silver Samurai. Either way I'm really looking forward to this.

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I'm curious to see if they're going use any source material from the comics. It'd be cool to see some other members from the group like Sunfire and Silver Samurai. Either way I'm really looking forward to this.
I'm wondering that kind of stuff, whether we might see some borrowed Marvel characters helping to fill this world out. I know the Kim Possible guys were great with all of the originals they had in that series, so I can imagine it probably won't be an issue coming up with characters to populate this world, but in my head I'll be wondering "I wonder what Sunfire might look like in this world" or "Is there a Alpha Flight?", etc.

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So I was hoping for a movie sequel, but I loved Kim Possible, so if this is anything like that, I can't complain.


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I was wondering when we would see a Big Hero 6 continuation, and frankly I was expecting we'd just get an animated short attached to another Disney movie, so really awesome to hear we'll be getting a full-on TV show :D.

The show also couldn't be in better hands then with the creators behind Kim Possible. Definitely looking forward to seeing what they'll bring and how the show will expand from the movie with the team and the world of San Fransokyo ;).

I hope they can get the cast from the movie back, though I wonder if it's going to be a traditionally animated cartoon or all CG :)?
I'm curious to see if they're going use any source material from the comics. It'd be cool to see some other members from the group like Sunfire and Silver Samurai. Either way I'm really looking forward to this.
As cool as that would be, I don't expect any actual Marvel heroes to appear in this, let alone ones owned by Fox like Sunfire and Silver Samurai are. I could see references and a tease here or there, but we probably won't see any actual Marvel heroes beyond the redesigned Big Hero 6 characters.


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Awesome! With the solid groundwork laid by the movie and creators of Kim Possible at the helm, this is the first Marvel cartoon in years that I'm actually excited about :D


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Big Hero 6 joins the Tangled spinoff and new DuckTales as Disney XD programs on track for a 2017 premiere. Say hello to the groundwork for a spiritual successor for the Disney Afternoon. Imagine this stuff joined by a post-Frozen 2 project and, say, Darkwing Duck or Gargoyles rebooted somewhere in 2019-2020. They could do worse.....

The Kim Possible crew back together on this is a good sign. Disney knows what works and has done a great job with fostering creative talent for its TV animation, as demonstrated by such examples as Gravity Falls and Phineas & Ferb - whose creators are notably sticking around for another Disney XD show (Milo Murphy's Law).

Disney's not messing around. Good stuff.


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The Kim Possible team are on this? Already on my can't wait list! Hopefully, we'll also see more screentime and development for Wasabi or Fred or the other team members that aren't Hiro and Baymax.


Interesting. I haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, but the announcement of an animated series based off of it motivates me to do so soon.

I wonder if the art style will be similar to Tangled, or if it will have its own distinct style, possibly anime-influenced.

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This is exactly what I expected, a series instead of a sequel movie.

Boy, I'm glad to hear the old team of "Kim Possible" is back. Makes me wish the reboot would be here already. A crossover would be nice, if you ask me.

Well, officially, San Fransokyo doesn't exist in any Marvel Universe, just the classic San Francisco. However, it will be interesting to see some Marvel Heroes making appearances in this series. I think the first one should be Spider-Man, because he's the master of "team-ups". (Spidey has worked alongside everyone). The Avengers would be another good option.

You know, in the future KH-III, San Fransokyo will be on eof the worlds to appear in the game, following the events of the movie. I wonder if the series, will keep KH as cannon, but probably not. Kingdom Hearts even had a good idea for the villain, being Baymax's old body combined with the Microbots and his red chip into a Heartless monster.


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Between this and the Tangled series slated for Disney Channel, it's like the 90's all over again. Who's to say more future movies in the Disney Animation Canon won't get television series of their own?

Judging by this teaser image posted on Disney/BH6's social media sites, it seems that the show will be 2D (not unlike Tangled):



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Well I'm glad we're finally hearing something about Big Hero 6. It's been almost a year and a half since the movies release and it feels like neither Disney nor Marvel have done anything to capitalize on its success. Kids age quick and with nothing to hold them to the franchise they can lose interest quicker.

If Ultimate Spider-Man is still around, I'm sure we'll get a dimension hopping crossover sooner or later.


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I think Big Hero 6 as a animated TV series is such a great idea as the show could expand from the movie giving more interactions upon the character, and exploring a bit from their world in San Fransokyo. Adding some action, and some humor thrown in.. and you have a series that has potential for an audience. But it's also nice seeing the team behind Kim Possible working on this.

Not too sure on Wreck-It-Ralph being an animated series at thought.. but I would be surprised. I think Zootopia would fit the bill for an animated series if it's a decent success in theatres.
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