Big Hero 6: The Series "Mini-Max" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Check out a new episode of Big Hero 6: The Series, today at 9:00AM ET on the Disney Channel!


Big Hero 6: The Series "Mini-Max"
Episode Debut - August 25th, 2018

Hiro invents a tiny robot, Mini-Max, to supervise and be a SIDEKICK to Fred while the rest of the team is in class.

*John Michael Higgins ("Pitch Perfect") guest stars as Mini-Max and James Cromwell ("The Young Pope") reprises his role as Professor Callaghan.


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May 25, 2012
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The Fred/Mini-Max plot was pretty dull. I was much more into Hiro's plot, especially since we got to see Professor Callaghan again, and we finally got more insight into Granville and Obake's backstory.


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May 13, 2006
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I wonder if the Mini-Max plot was essentially a way to disguise the actual plot/character developments and the Callaghan follow-up in the episode. If so, maybe they shouldn't have given away the guest voice actor. ;)

Good stuff overall, though.


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May 24, 2001
I can't remember.
Despite the appearance of you-know-who (nice hair, dork), this might be my favorite episode so far. Fascinating to get some background on Granville and how she tied in with Callaghan (and - between his moments here and how much of a jerk Krei became - I find him way more sympathetic now). Also, I truly hope that Mini-Max comes back. So hilarious.

Good voice work, too, by James Cromwell, John Michael Higgins and Jenifer Lewis (and maybe it's just me, but the unusual emphasis she put on 'you' in "I'm heading home, Mr. Hamada. I suggest you do the same." made me laugh).

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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Big Hero 6: The Series "Mini Max"

I am glad Mini-Max is now a part of the show and didn't go haywire after one episode. Because Fred still needs a babysitter. Whether he solved the problem at the end or not, that's still true. So the show is smart enough to keep Min-Max around for awhile.

I like Fred solving the problem using a comic book solution, first seen on Star Trek, before becoming a cliche everywhere else. The first interesting thing about the logic fallacy solution is that it's stupid. It should not work. The second interesting thing is that it does. Maybe Fred isn't stupid for always seeking genre-based solutions. Maybe he simply gets how this world works better than anyone else. But he still needs a freaking babysitter.

Wasn't it funny that he wasn't insulted by that idea at all and instead perceived it as giving him a sidekick? That's one of the charming things about Fred. He sees the positive in everything, and even better, refuses to be insulted, which makes him extra likable. If he had pulled a snit with Mini-Max and had to actually work at liking and trusting him, the episode would be a lot less refreshing and fun than it actually was. Any other show would have Fred resent Mini-Max simply because that's what every other show did before this. The reason this is a good show is that while it follows many of the good comic books tropes, it is not afraid to tweak or even outright ignore the bad ones. Really, between this show, DuckTales, Tangled, Disney is on a roll with TV animation. For sure.

I like that the team is wise enough to guess that Grandville would be savvy enough to know who the team is up-close if she saw them in costume. I think she's probably even savvier. If she doesn't already know, I'd be a little surprised, and even a little disappointed.

Hiro telling Callahan that his brother would want him to forgive him and that he hopes he can someday is freaking progress. I'll take it. It's probably more than Callahan deserves, but good for Hiro.

Funniest random Mini-Max line was definitely "I have no internal organs!"

That sinister piercing stare Obake gave the camera at the end was alarming. And insanely cool. Good stuff ahead.

I liked the episode for the story choices it DIDN'T make, even more than I liked it for the story choices it DID make. ****1/2.


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Sep 21, 2016
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I'm guessing Obake REALLY doesn't like Granville. I hope there is more to there history than what she told Hiro. If not, Obake is one petty dude.


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Nov 7, 2004
279 1
Episode 16 was pretty great,

Cool seeing Globby, great funny supervillain, cool that he gets stronger with new elemental powers:D.

Globby getting away was sweet and Fred the screw-up accidently causing damage was funny, hehehe.

Hiro creating Mini-Max to babysit Fred was sweet.

Love Mini-Max, great/funny with great funny lines:D.

Fred solving the problem with a comic book solution was great.

Hiro wanting to investigate Professor Granville's past was great.

Baymax and his great funny moments, hehehe:p.

Hiro running from Yama and his goons was funny.

Cool seeing Professor Callaghan, his character development being remorseful was sweet to tell about Professor Granville involved in an accident many years ago which was nice and what happened to poor Tadashi.

Professor Granville creating a new security system was great.

Professor Granville's past with a student who ended up in an accident, the poor student, he's Obake though, cool seeing his past.

Obake controlling the new security system and the security spider robots attacking Hiro/Professor Granville, great evil plan, Obake greatest evilest villain ever:D.

Fred/Mini-Max saving the day destroying the new security system was great, I hope Mini-Max returns.

Hiro and Professor Granville begin trusting each other more was sweet.

I'll see further episodes why Obake hates Professor Granville.


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