Big Hero 6: The Series "Fred's Bro-Tillion" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Check out Big Hero 6: The Series! Disney Channel will premiere two new episodes, today starting at 9:00AM ET!

Big Hero 6: The Series "Fred's Bro-Tillion"
Episode Debut - June 10th, 2018

When supervillain Baron Von Steamer crashes Fred’s Bro-Tillion, the Big Hero 6 team springs into action.

*Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee and Susan Sullivan (“Castle”) guest star as Fred’s father and mother, respectively.


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May 28, 2010
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Sherman Oaks CA
I feel like they're going to turn Baymax mastering a random skill via a chip into a running gag :rolleyes2:.

Is "Oh No" just going to become the collective catchphrase of Big Hero 6 :p?

Baron Von Steamer reminded me a heck of a lot of Steam Smythe from the recent Ben 10 reboot, from the character design, characterization, emphasis on steam technology, and even Jeff Bennett's performance reminded me of Roger Craig Smith's voice for Steam Smythe :sweat:.

I know Fred's mom had a design already established from her portrait in the movie, but at some points I pondered whether the creators may have deliberately styled her off of Joan Lee (Stan Lee's late wife). Susan Sullivan's performance even reminded me of Joan Lee as Madame Web in Spider-Man: The Animated Series :).

It's also nice to see the show showcase the parents of our heroes, since Hiro's parents have passed away and we don't have any idea about the rest of the cast's parental situation (though Wasabi mentioned his father was an orthodontist). I also hope we get to see Fred's parents together at some point :anime:.

It was cool to see the show expand on the revelation that Fred's dad was a genuine Superhero back in his day as "Boss Awesome." It would be fun to see the show exploring that more, if Stan Lee's schedule permits him to appear more often, and maybe we can even see him don the costume again? He seems to still have the skills, courage, and charisma ;).

I guess it's pretty evident the team isn't as effective without their tech :ack:.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Big Hero 6: The Series "Fred's Bro-Tillion"

Lot of great character expressions in the animation, particularly for Fred's Dad and Wasabi.

Wasabi peed himself a little? The writers really do NOT want me to think much of him, do they?

I love that Fred's excited over the potential kidnapping because it means he won't have to dance.

I have a similar problem with Honey Lemon regarding food shaped like animals or cartoon characters. There is genuine alarm and regret on my end when it is eaten. I can totally relate. I was that kid. I was the kid who hated Easter Bunnies.

Baymax giving hugs to strangers is supposed to be cute, but it's creepy. Boundary issues, man.

I love the rhinoplasty joke. I love it because none of the kids in the audience will understand it, and the episode didn't explain it to them for their benefit. So it's basically an adult-themed joke that doesn't happen to be inappropriate for kids, which is the best kind of adult themed joke. And I love that the episode told the joke without slowing things down to explain "That lady got a nose job, der her!" For some reason I don't picture DuckTales not overexplaining that joke.

Nice episode. ****.