Big Hero 6: The Series "Food Fight" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Check out a new episode of Big Hero 6: The Series, today at 9:30AM ET on the Disney Channel!

Big Hero 6: The Series "Food Fight"
Episode Debut - June 10th, 2018

Aunt Cass becomes obsessed with participating in an underground cooking competition.

*Celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Alton Brown guest star as cooking competition participant Bolton Gramercy and host Yum Laboughé, respectively.


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I noticed this episode was written by Noelle Stevenson, who I know from writing/drawing comics like Lumberjanes, so it was cool getting to see an episode a cartoon that she personally wrote. I thought she did a pretty good job here ;).

I guess it's nice to see that Krei doesn't seem deliberately antagonistic towards Big Hero 6, even if his involvement in things tends to cause more problems for our heroes :rolleyes2:.

Y'know, Aunt Cass assuming Hiro had gone back to the illegal bot-fighting was actually a pretty reasonable assumption. With Tadashi's death it's nice to see her being proactive in trying to prevent Hiro from getting into trouble, even if she was wrong about the exact kind of trouble he was getting in :).

Hiro taking umbrage to Aunt Cass' nightlife was amusingly hypocritical given his own double-life, although I'm kind of surprised the show didn't focus more on that and the issue of Hiro continuing to keep secrets from Aunt Cass o_O.

The underground food fight sub-plot (or was it the main plot?) was amusing, especially Aunt Cass managing to turn things around against her opponents (even Momokaze). It was also kind of amusing to see celebrity chefs like Alton Brown and Gordon Ramsay involved, though I kept expecting to hear the latter let out an expletive at certain points :p.

I thought Momokaze was a fun villain, and an interesting take on the female thief archetype with a an added element of being an adept sushi chef. Her quick wit, razor-sharp blades, and graceful movements also gave the team a real challenge in this episode, to the point where Aunt Cass is the one who ultimately catches her :eek:.

I'm starting to think Honey Lemon's greatest weakness is her own bag. That might be the second or third time she's been caught in her own gunk :sweat:.

I guess it makes sense that Yama would be involved in an episode dealing with the "underground" and illegal dealings, although his inclusion almost made me think we'd see Obake pop up as the person Momokaze was planning to sell the gravity device too :ack:.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Big Hero 6: The Series "Food Fight"

Cass has quite a collection of knives there at the end.

I love Fred delightedly playing with Krei's limp arms.

The animation was too choppy in this episode.

Fred thinks of himself as the team inspiration and idea man. But considering everyone else is a science genius, his real contribution is money and always has been.

Cute episode for Aunt Cass. ****.

Red Arrow

ça va nog wel
That juryman in the middle looks awfully familiar, but I don't know who it is. There is definitely another cartoon character with a triangular goatee and hair like that. Perhaps from Kim Possible, Fantastic Four WGH or Avengers EMH?


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