Big Hero 6: The Series "Countdown to Catastrophe, Parts 1-3" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Check out the Season One finale of Big Hero 6: The Series! The Disney Channel will premiere three new episodes, back-to-back today starting at 7:00AM ET!


Big Hero 6: The Series "Countdown to Catastrophe, Parts 1-3"
Episodes Debut - October 13th, 2018

Big Hero 6 face their greatest challenge as Obake unleashes his plan on San Fransokyo.


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May 25, 2012
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So, now Obake, Noodle Burger Boy and Trina are to be considered dead until proven otherwise, Momokase has been recaptured, and Globby is a good guy. Oh, and Liv Amara and her interest in Karmi is still shady.

Very intense and emotional finale, it all came together perfectly, IMO.
Mar 2, 2004
North Dakota
Very intense. I began to feel sorry for Obake at the end, especially with the reveal that he is "sick," not the right word. I did wonder how the producers were going to juggle all the plot lines with Trina, Karmi, and Liv Amara at the end, But that will have to wait till next year. Do hope that more will be done with Trina next year, she's just too interesting to just left at the bottom of the ocean. At least Hiro knows she's a robot now.


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Jan 23, 2007
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I wonder what Globby's role in season 2 will be, is he an ally, or is going to go back to being a small time crock? And dam it will Aunt K ever find out the truth?

And you have to wonder if giving the chance would Hero had saved Obake? I like to think he would because it is the right thing to do to save a life period, but also he sees how similar they are.


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Mar 10, 2002
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So, now Obake, Noodle Burger Boy and Trina are to be considered dead until proven otherwise, Momokase has been recaptured, and Globby is a good guy. Oh, and Liv Amara and her interest in Karmi is still shady.
I refuse to accept that Noodle Burger Boy can be destroyed by any means known to man. He is beyond our concept of life, he was there before us and he will be there long after we as people are gone.

What I really liked was how the episode incorporated so many characters and elements we've seen throughout the series and none of it felt forced. Their appearances were all organic and made sense to the plot and someone like Mole Ferguson just didn't show up to say hi and walk away.

I'm also curious as how Honey Lemon did on her final project? An impressive bit of investigative journalism she did there, but it really didn't have much to do with math or science.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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I refuse to accept that Noodle Burger Boy can be destroyed by any means known to man. He is beyond our concept of life, he was there before us and he will be there long after we as people are gone.
Deep. Noodleburgerboy and the roaches. That's all that will be left.

Big Hero 6: The Series "Countdown to Catastrophe"

Amazing. The thing I enjoyed most is that it lived up to the promise of the season. There were stumbles here and there, but all shows have that. But what we got was ultimately as great as what the show teased. Which is no easy feat, especially on a show that repeatedly ends with the villain claiming a secret Xanatos Gambit only to the viewer.

What do I think of Obake ultimately? I think he's crazy. What's interesting is that he's not as crazy as he could be. He wants to destroy the city. But it's clear he also wanted to become a father figure to Hiro. He's evil, and murderous, and doesn't know right from wrong, but he doesn't strike me as a sociopath, simply because he ultimately just wants a human connection. And he is truly devastated by the fact that he didn't get it. And when he doesn't get it, he lets Baymax go and help Hiro. He wouldn't actually do that if he didn't actually care. He's not a sociopath.

He's surprised too. While I'm not surprised the heroes won the season, I understand why Obake was. Hiro and Fred (especially Hiro) had been unwittingly feeding into his plans at every turn, and the reason he doesn't see the out of the blue Kaiju solution coming is because it's outside of the box, and what he predicted. He predicted Hiro was the next generation of him. He didn't consider that Hiro was better than him. And the reason he didn't consider that is because Hiro was living down to his most predictable expectations. It's only when Hiro starts to learn from Obake's mistakes that Obake loses the season.

Do you know what Obake's biggest mistake was this year? Recruiting Globby. I liked his redemption, but it probably would never have happened if he had been sucked into a slightly less evil brand of villain gang. Globby is annoying and obnoxious. But he's not a murderer, much less a mass murderer. Maybe Obake should have done a better job vetting the personalities of the help instead of just the adversaries.

I love that everyone is disappointed his name is Bob. I'm not really. Just because they use a Tom Riddle-style puzzle for the name, which makes it fun.

I love Gogo asking if they cleaned up after themselves to remove fingerprints, and of course Wasabi just did it because he's the superhero version of Adrian Monk. And Gogo is usually Sharona for him, but he lucked out and got the more accommodating Natalie for this particular mission.

Felony Carl IS The List. And as far as I'm concerned Felony Carl is all The List any of us could ever really need.

And yeah, that Kaiju episode annoyed me to no end. At least they paid that annoyance off well here. Shut me right the heck up.

What? Gogo can be sincere. At least 80%. Maybe sometimes.

Minimax was repeatedly proving throughout episode that he was the best thing to ever happen to this show. He actually charms Krei immediately. This robot, that jerk actually likes. I don't blame him. The joy of Minimax is pretty infectious.

It wasn't just the red eyed promos that teased Obake messing with Baymax. The second he punched out the window for Obake to escape, I was like, "Baymax is his". If Hiro did even the slightest bit of digging there, he would have discovered that right then and there, but it's to his credit he figured it out by himself soon afterwards anyways.

This was an amazing finale. The season was rocky in places but I can safely say this is the best superhero cartoon on the air. *****.

I.R. Shokew

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Sep 26, 2011
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Who wants to find me that badly anymore?
Obake has paid. However, I'm still annoyed Aunt Cass hasn't found out the truth yet like a certain school principal has... If S2 wants to do something smart going forward, Aunt Cass finding out is one of those things.

Despite its flaws, this is still the best superhero cartoon I've seen Disney promote in a long time - and that's FACT. Still, can S2 keep up the good work, is my real question.


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May 13, 2006
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Yeah, this was pretty great. This episode paid off nearly everything set up in season and did so in an organic way. I was not expecting Obake's fate to get that dark. I'm glad they confirmed the second season a while back to assure us of more after this.

I also noticed the animation got a very noticeable quality bump.

I.R. Shokew

DISGRACED and Rooting ONLY for Underdogs
Sep 26, 2011
1,792 10
Who wants to find me that badly anymore?
Careful. You're over-stepping your right to an opinion when you objectify it like that. ;)

Don't be that guy.

I don't watch this show, personally but I'm glad to hear people liking it.
I'll admit that was a bit far - but all those Marvel shows? I don't watch them. This, however - is the kind of effort I was looking for out of those shows that I feel they're sorely missing. At least IMHO, of course.


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Jan 17, 2015
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I'll admit that was a bit far - but all those Marvel shows? I don't watch them. This, however - is the kind of effort I was looking for out of those shows that I feel they're sorely missing. At least IMHO, of course.
That's fine. Claims of having a "factual" opinion is just a pet peeve of mine.

But no biggie. :)

I plan on watching this show at some point, but I'm watching too much else at the moment. (Arrowverse, The Gifted, some non-superhero dramas, etc.)


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May 9, 2013
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Another epic season finale from Disney.
Now we know what Obake had planned for with not only his thefts but for Hiro as well. I actually predicted that he wanted Hiro as a student and to surpass Granville in such a department. What we don't know was what Obake's issue was about everyone still remembering Lenore Shimamoto after his plan was beaten. There's also the piece of Globby that Obake took around the beginning of the season as well. Obake also revealed himself to be insane with wanting to destroy the city. But the cause for his insanity was something I'd bet no one saw coming. This actually opens up the possibility of Obake being redeemed at some point in the future since his condition is treatable. We pretty much know that he's alive and that he'll show up later next season(I'm betting nothing big) or in a possible third season.
Globby turning good became obvious after hearing about Joe's Diner was gonna be destroyed, along with the city. I loved Honey Lemon's reaction about Globby turning over a new leaf, and her reaction to being called Tall Girl.

I knew Baymax was being reprogrammed after Noodle Burger-Boy attacked him. But the scenes of Big Hero 6 putting things into motion to save the city was awesome. The whole scenario felt like something you mostly see in movies. I loved the scenes of GoGo with the cat and later, kittens.
Technically, Obake was never defeated. IOnly his plan being foiled.
All in all this was a great finale. And I'm sure the next season will be great as well.
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Sep 21, 2016
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I finally got back from a project out of state and this was the first thing I went to on my DVR.

Let me just say that this wasn't my favorite show, but boy did this finale deliver. It put so much stuff from the entire season together, and they did it so very organically, as many of you guys noted.

Noodle Burger Boy and Mini Max were consistent highlights throughout the season, and this special crammed all of that peppy robo-goodness into one sitting. Concerning NBB, I know he doesn't really have a purpose without Obake "Bob" calling the shots, but I kind of hope he appears in S2. Bonus if he continues to be a villain of his own choosing. He's probably the most likely to have not survived this finale though.:(

They found a way to bring so many people from past episodes back, and I'm glad Wendy Wower was one of them. Liv Amara too. Krei was pretty funny during this special, I'll admit. I usually don't find him to enjoyable, but him sort of bonding with Mini Max was pretty neat.

I'm glad that Globby reformed, but I'm even more impressed with how well they tied it to his first episode and Honey Lemon's character so smoothly. And they didn't nerf his power after the face-heel turn. Speaking of Honey Lemon, her abilities continue to be the coolest, most versatile, and closest to actual super powers of all the BH6 humans. It's funny how she's my favorite secondary BH6 hero, when in the movie, she was probably last.

No finale of an action cartoon is worth anything without a compelling villain. Obake definitely fit the bill here. Or "Bob." His plan came together so organically. He wasn't just some crazy lucky guy whose victories were just forced to move the plot along. He legitimately had everything in the palm of his hand. He was simply 5 steps ahead of every one here. We saw him slowly but surely gather everything he needed. Everyone/thing fell right into place without the writers needing to hand the characters the idiot ball, for the most part. "Bob" had it all under control to the point were he pretty much won. That is until at the very end, where as @Fone Bone put it, he only failed when he refused to believe that Hiro could learn from past mistakes as he could not. This was a really nice touch from a writing stand point. They also managed to give his cliched villainous, "how could I have failed" tripe some genuine dark pathos. Seeing his master plan and, his various inventions like Trina showed that Obake was nothing short of an absolute genius. He would have easily wiped out the heroes, had he not been so obsessed with forcibly adopting Hiro. Although he is morally bone dry, he isn't uncaring of human connections.

Which brings up questions about Trina. I'm now wondering if Obake "Bob" actually did care about her to an extent. At first I thought that he kept her in cold storage, only using her as a lure for Hiro. But her brief appearance here (very creepy but fitting the mood) showed that she was allowed to stay conscious, and seemingly even receive updates/ repairs. Looking back at Trina's brief interaction with Obake, he does seem to come off as more of a strict father figure than an evil boss. So why wasn't she ever invited to his ominous monitor room meetings. And would Obake have kept her around if Hiro decided to fall in place under his guidance. Either way, I'm pretty sure if Obake survived, he'd probably save her as well.

All in all, this season finale was written better than many of the the finales of shows I like more than BH6.

Also, as a side, I will respect the writers 3x more if Aunt Cass discovers Hiro's secret Identity in the S2 premier.
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Deborah Bispo so epic and hot!!!!!
Nov 7, 2004
279 1
Countdown to Catastrophe was awesome/engaging, best season 1 finale episode,

Cool seeing Globby, had great funny lines, hehehe.

Nice of Krei giving Hiro and friends great important information.

Cool seeing Mini-Max, he's the best and the most entertaining:D.

Fred's plan to capture Globby was pretty great/funny.

Obake wanting Baymax to be brainwashed, great evil plan.

Shimamoto and her actions being the cause of the "great disaster" in the past was interesting.

Cool seeing Dr. Wendy Wower and Liv.

Cool seeing Noodle Burger Boy and Momakase, so the best hot fighter villainess.

Cool to learn Obake's real name, Bob Aken, interesting.

Professor Granville to know the Big Hero 6's secret identities was sweet:anime:.

Cool seeing Professor Granville's past with Obake/Bob which was great.

Aunt Cass will know Hiro's secret identity in Season 2 soon.

Cool seeing Trina, she'll be back.

Obake's evil plan recreating the great disaster destroying San Fransokyo was great/brilliant, Obake best horrible interesting diabolical major villain ever:D.

Globby turning good saving Hiro and being the best new ally for the Big Hero 6 was awesome:D, Globby like Nightmare Moon/Discord/Starlight, The Ice King/Princess Bubblegum, and Peridot on reformed ally villains.

Honey loving Globby being the good guy was sweet.

Both Fred, Wasabi, Honey, Go Go, and Globby saving the civilians was awesome.

Poor Momakase's loss was funny and Noodle Burger Boy will turn good.

Hiro, Fred, and Mini-Max creating the powerful wave disrupting the star was sweet.

Obake redeeming freeing Baymax to save Hiro was sweet, poor Obake's fate at the end.

The Big Hero 6: Hiro/Baymax, Mini-Max, Fred, Honey, Go Go, and Wasabi/Globby saving the day and Hiro getting an A from Professor Granville for his heroic deeds was great:D.

I'll be happy if Obake survived, he rocks, I'll enjoy Season 2.


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