Big Hero 6: The Series "Aunt Cass Goes Out" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Check out a new episode of Big Hero 6: The Series, today at 9:00AM ET on the Disney Channel!

Big Hero 6: The Series "Aunt Cass Goes Out"

Episode Debut - June 30th, 2018

After Aunt Cass nearly discovers Hiro's secret membership in the Big Hero 6, Hiro tries to set her up with someone to distract her.


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May 28, 2010
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A Superhero hiding their identity from their doting aunt because they're worried said aunt will think Superhero work is too dangerous for them? Where have I seen that before :rolleyes2:.

Krei honestly doesn't seem to be that bad a guy. Sure, he's greedy, narcissistic, and willing to cut corners for a profit, but he doesn't do it out of maliciousness or a desire to hurt people, and he's shown he can actually care or try to do better when pushed :).

How many threats has Krei directly or indirectly been responsible for at this point? I'm almost half-expecting his assistant to turn evil at some point with the way he treats her :p. did Krei figure out the team is Big Hero 6? I mean, granted, there masks hardly cover their faces, Fred is exposing his face constantly, and anyone with half a brain could put two and two together, but I guess with suspension of disbelief on we have to assume he used his resources to figure it out or just naturally assumed the team's identity since he knew them as civilians :cool:.

Krei and Aunt Cass dating was a surprising development. I'm curious if they'll keep that going and if Cass might continue to have a positive effect on Krei, assuming they continue the relationship :knd1:.

Now that I think about it, does Aunt Cass even have a last name? I imagine her last name would probably be Hiro's mom's Maiden Name, since I doubt she's related to his dad since he was probably Japanese (hence, Hamada) o_O.

Man, it seems like almost every episode we see the villain or antagonist of the week make short work of the team. In barely a minute pretty much all of them were lasered and netted :sweat:.

Although speaking of the netting, the sound effect for the Buddy-Guard's nets sounded exactly like Spider-Man's webs (hey, another Spider-Man reference) :harley:.

It was kind of interesting that this episode didn't really have a clearly defined "villain." I mean, Krei was Krei, and the scientist who kidnapped him really wasn't that bad a guy either, just out to make sure his research wasn't used for a purpose he didn't approve of. And the Buddy-Guard robots were just that, robots :shrug:.

I did feel kind of bad for the scientist at the end. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and harmless in the long-run, though I also can't deny that Krei was well within his right to press charges against him :ack:.


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Aug 10, 2003
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Krei knows Hiro’s identity since he took off his mask in front of him to talk to Callahan into giving up his revenge plot.

But yeah, the whole “don’t let family know I’m a hero” shtick is lame. But considering Tadashi died being a hero, she’d probably be too scared to let Hiro be the same.

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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Big Hero 6: The Series "Aunt Cass Goes Out"

Let's just say Aunt Cass has no good options here.

Five years ago, I would have been fine with this episode. But I've got higher standards for modern cartoons since then. And since this show has achieved them multiple times already I feel no need to give them slack when they don't. This is passable stuff. Passable isn't good enough anymore.

I feel like the episode was five minute too long. But instead of taking five minutes out, they instead made the episode go REALLY fast so they could fit everything in. That's lousy editing. Do you know what other show used to overstuff their plots? The embarrassingly bad 90's Spider-Man. To be fair, this is not a John Semper Jr level trainwreck. But that's more due to the higher animation quality and voicework than the fact that the episode was too fast paced for its own good.

I dislike the premise by the way. Krei is a jerk. I don't buy for one second someone like Aunt Cass would think someone like him had a single redeeming virtue. I always picture Aunt Cass as a bit insightful. It's one thing to have her be dumb about the secret identity stuff. But to accept a date from that stooge is entirely another.

I forgot Krei knows the ID's. There were a couple of weird things about that.

1. The potential Big Bad of the series already knows the most damaging thing about Big Hero 6. That either means he has them right where he wants them, or ultimately can't find anything on them he doesn't already know. But Krei is again, a stooge. I find it hard to believe this will actually wind up working to his actual advantage.

2. When he calls them Big Hero 6, I suddenly realized how inadequate the fact that none of the team have codenames actually is. I mean, the city knows the name of the team, but not any of the heroes on it? That strike me as incredibly awkward, especially the longer someone on the team has to say "Toss me that, Fred!" in front of bystanders. I had assumed the codenames were coming because the premise cannot actually function properly without them. The fact that they STILL haven't shown up yet leads me to believe this series is dumb enough to think it doesn't need them. It's gonna. In the future it's gonna. And the longer they wait, the more ridiculous it will seem that they waited. Remember the TV show Grimm? It is appalling to me that the Wesen in that show weren't actually named Wesen until the tail end of the first season. It's like the producers had no idea that the characters would wind up needing a catch-up description for the creatures. And this is about as dumb as that. I predict we'll get codenames at the end of the season, or the beginning of the next, depending on when the producers come to their senses. But once we DO get them, I predict the series will act like they had them all along, and we are just supposed to forgot how long they did without. That's the exact deal with the Wesen on Grimm. That name came so late in the game to when it should have been set-up, that it's actually almost a retcon.

We'll see. Generally speaking, I disliked the episode. Because the timing was too fast, none of the humor landed properly. And Baymax is NOT the character that works with speedy jokes. By design. So that automatically makes this episode inferior. **1/2.


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