Best and Worst of Video Games of the Decade


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Jul 5, 2016
Glendale, California
Since today is New Years Eve, I decided to create this thread dedicating to the best and worst video games to come out of the Nintendo consoles, the XBox consoles, and the Playstation consoles.

What were some of your favorite and least favorite games this decade?

For me, it has to be Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Wii U. My least favorite part had to be that Pharoah Genie boss from Miitopia because he is so difficult to beat and I always died in that boss and have to repeat it all over again. *shrugs*.

Miitopia is still a good Nintendo 3DS game though.

I've hardly played any XBox and Playstation games but that doesn't mean I hate them, I have played them before. It's because I'm used to Nintendo consoles these days.
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