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One very sad example of Disney not giving Return to Oz the love it deserves involves when a bonus feature for Oz: The Great and Powerful speculates that the former seems scarier than how Walt would've adapted those books, and that the latter feels worthier of his name. (Personally, I'd call Oz: The Great and Powerful the worst big-screen Oz adaptation I've seen, and Return to Oz the best not to come from MGM. Motown's The Wiz has second-to-last place.) I wonder if they'd still say that after James Franco's scandals...

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Disney and FOX are now one. Yay...
The Disney-FOX deal is an April Fool's Day prank gone real.
Disney officially owns 21st Century Fox as of today. The 4,000 laid off employees from both companies must be feeling so dang ecstatic right now.
I kinda like Phil Collins and am not afraid to say so!! (don't tell anyone)
Seriously, why can't Boomerang switch back to their original brand and air classic cartoons again?