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Sep 22, 2011
One very sad example of Disney not giving Return to Oz the love it deserves involves when a bonus feature for Oz: The Great and Powerful speculates that the former seems scarier than how Walt would've adapted those books, and that the latter feels worthier of his name. (Personally, I'd call Oz: The Great and Powerful the worst big-screen Oz adaptation I've seen, and Return to Oz the best not to come from MGM. Motown's The Wiz has second-to-last place.) I wonder if they'd still say that after James Franco's scandals...


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Stephanie Sheh voicing Izzy Park the same way she does Sailor Moon has me considering the chance of Nazneen Contractor dubbing some "Sailor Moon" episodes I currently dont plan to buy.
Watched the newest Halloween yesterday
I can’t express my unpopular opinions without someone yelling or disagreeing at me why I’m a monster for thinking that way (liking adult animation, SpongeBob’s new episodes are inferior, etc.)
If you have Starz Encore Family (Not Kids & Family, but Family...) 1 hour as of this post, they'll be playing "Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas" and "Sonic Christmas Blast". (3:19pm-4:06pm EST) Both will play again at some point.
I'm at episode 50 of {Batman: TAS ∧ Hey Arnold}.