Babs and Felix: Different types of Pool Toys

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Great Product Placements in American Syndicated Television part 1357: A&W (however the cream soda), season 4 of Baywatch:
Apparently Mordecai has an account on Discord.
Make sure you check my channel idea, Toonverse! Go to make your own channel thread for more details!!

So this is interesting. There's a post about Arby's cookies, yet most of the comments are about Lumity (Luz and Amity). I mean, they have a good dynamic, though it's weird how this tweet is bombarded with comments about them.
The winner of this matchup is Scooby Doo And Batman: The Brave And The Bold, which got 2 votes. A Muppet Family Christmas got 1 vote. Now we start round 4. This matchup is between Into The Hundred Acre Wood and Quack Pack.