Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "The Night Has Wings" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
A Valid Location
Tune in for a new episode of Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther Quest, tonight at 9:00PM ET on Disney XD!

Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "The Night Has Wings"
Episode Debut - November 4th, 2018

Black Panther travels to a rural village of Wakanda to investigate a series of mysterious monster attacks.


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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "The Night Has Wings"

Good stuff.

I thought Klaw was clever for using Black Panther as bait the way he did. He did it believing that T'Challa would totally get out of being lowered upsidedown into a dark pit in chains and escape. And if he had died instead, Klaw never would have caught the big bat. The reason him using him as bait impressed me so much was because it showed a level of faith in him too. And he was right.

I laughed at the bad guy begging for mercy because he was a fan. Honestly? That was endearing. Were I T'Challa, I WOULD have gone easier on him. But I guess I'm just a softie like Thor.

Funniest bit was the high priest taking a selfie at the end. Nothing in Wakanda is as it seems. Despite these villagers being poorer, they still have screens. And as primitive seeming as the bells look, they actually work a little. Maybe not enough to actually be useful. But a little. Even if the poorest, least intelligent Wakandan is pretty sharp and with-it. The sooner T'Challa realizes that, the better.

That's the aspect of T'Challa I can't stand: The entitled aristocrat. Unlike many other characters with that mindset, T'Challa IS actually as awesome as he believes he is, but it's still pretty insufferable when he isn't beating up bad guys. I like that the show is exploring that a bit and making him a bit more of a man of the people than he was.

What do I think of Klaw's punishment? I think it was just. T'Challa knew he could die, but if he escaped, he will have earned it. The punishment actually fit the crime. I might have chosen a different punishment if I knew how quickly he'd get out of it, but hindsight is 20/20.

Actually, Hindsight 2020 would be a pretty great Presidential campaign bumper sticker.

Anything I didn't like? It is weird the minutia in cartoons that sticks out and bothers me, but this cheesed me off. When Klaw receives the water bottle from Killmonger, he raised it six inches above his head and looks up in the direction of the sun as he pours it in his mouth as if he's watering a plant. That is NOT how people drink out of water bottles, especially a person dying of thirst. That's how the water spills. Really thirsty people put their lips around the nozzle of the canteen and either drink it that way, or if they are really desperate, suck it down. Nobody drinks water as if their mouths are houseplants.

Isn't it weird the crap that bugs me? The rest of the episode was great. ****.


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