Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "The Last Avenger" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Tune in for a new episode of Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther Quest, tonight starting at 9:30PM ET!

Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "The Last Avenger"
Episode Debut - December 2nd, 2018

All on his own, Black Panther must safeguard a dangerous weapon from all who might try to stop him.


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Aug 10, 2003
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Some fun action in this.
Since Black Widow was the one who claim she saw BP kill Cap, and was much more aggressive then usual, it’s safe to assume that that’s the shapeshifting princess in disguise.

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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest “The Last Avenger”

This show is off the rails. I’d say the quality was nice while it lasted, but truly, it did not last very long. And it truthfully wasn’t THAT great. Unlike The Batman’s amazing fourth season, this was just notable because it was the first Marvel cartoon in years to cross the threshold of “pretty good”. That is not quite the achievement people praising this season actually think it is.

Let me see if I’ve gotten this straight. Widow is NOT the shapeshifting chick, and is sticking by her story of T’Challa murdering Steve to get the crown? That is absolutely lunacy on every storytelling level you can possibly imagine. The last episode ended with T’Challa painfully screaming Steve’s name as he promises to not leave him behind, after Steve shouts for him to save himself. Apparently, Natasha just missed all that yelling and drama? And if she couldn’t hear what they were saying, why is she so certain of her interpretation of events? How could she “know what she saw” if she clearly did not hear the proper context for it?

And everybody in the theater cheered at that. But I didn’t cheer. I stood up in that theater and I yelled “That isn’t what happened the last time!”

I think the least satisfying thing to me was T’Challa closing Wakanda’s borders. That was a purely political act, and the show doesn’t bother exploring the fall-out and ramifications of that. There will be Wakandans stranded in our world outside of that border, and even if they were allowed back in, they would have to leave any loved ones they made in the outside world behind. It’s T’Challa starting the process of family separation at the US border. And this is supposedly the hero of the show. And what about any economic deals his people were assured they would be allowed to make with the borders open? He’s destroying the Wakandan economy by doing that. Why didn’t we even see a scene of T’Challa speaking to his people as king to make assurances that their livelihoods that they may have created for themselves in the outside world will not actually be obliterated? T’Challa speaks of what a king is and isn’t expected to do with the Avengers. He’s all “I don’t take orders” and that’s fine if he decides to be a King. But a King should also be looking out for the larger ramifications of their actions to everybody in their kingdom, instead of making such a unilateral decision for everyone else without them knowing beforehand. It’s messy, and the show thinks the Wakandan stuff only effects T’Challa and Shuri. And it’s the fact that they are working out their personal dramas at the expense of the rest of the kingdom which is why I’m mad. And I’m madder at the fact that the rest of the kingdom doesn’t seem to matter to the producers either.

And while I’m bringing up politics, T’Challa is throwing around the “Act of war” accusation far more heavily than someone in his position should. Were I him, I would be REAL careful about that. The King and ruler of the sovereign nation of Wakanda is being accused of murdering Captain Freaking America, the literal symbol of America in the Marvel Universe. Basically, if an act of war was declared, it was that T’Challa thought he didn’t actually have to answer for that any further. And it’s like the writers aren’t thinking about the actual implications of blowing up the Avengers if it’s T’Challa blowing them up. You can do that with Hulk or Tony. And the MCU proved you can even do that with Cap. But as long as T’Challa rules a country, it is the worst plot turn you can possibly imagine, especially if the writers don’t even THINK to address all of the bad things that will happen due to it.

Tony said something interesting. That T’Challa building all of those secret jets all over the city means he never trusted them. That has to be true, and that means T’Challa sucks. He’s talking about how Tony doesn’t trust him, but this is a recent problem. T’Challa had those jets lying around all along. Not to mention building a weapon that could take down Thor specifically. Maybe T’Challa didn’t actually murder Cap. But what his actions in this episode have revealed about the way he secretly worked against the team, it’s not like he’s giving them any plausible reason to believe he’s innocent.

Hulk was noticeably absent in the season premiere, and he didn’t show up in either part either. Is there some sort of rights issues involved? Because the thing I DO love about this show (which goes for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes too) is that Hulk is the most sensible and rational Avenger. It’s not even a contest. He’s a big picture thinker, and more moral than the other members of the team save Steve Rogers. I kind of feel like if he were here, he could have talked things down a bit the way Miss Marvel tried to, but failed because she’s a rookie, and no-one listens to rookies. Maybe that’s the real reason he isn’t.

Man, I am unhappy. What happened, Geoffrey Thorne? I thought you were cool. 0.

Troy Troodon

Well-Known Member
Jan 16, 2014
Yeah I felt this and previous part kind'a underwhelmed, I felt this whole series was so close and yet so far.

Now I can't say the finale was completely bad, for one it did raise the stakes of political tension that could potentially lead to stories similar to the Avatar series (Though I doubt they would) but on the other hand it completely derails a lot that was built up and established.

Of course THAT's not Black Widow, any six your old would know that, and honestly Cap's death felt unceremonious; now don't take me to mean that a character should never ever die in a superhero show, but there was no build up to this, nor was there an honorable grief, it's just there to make T'Challa a scapegoat, and it just makes everyone look like a fool.

I get Hawkeye's tension towards T'Challa for Whitney (that's about as close to a romantic arc as we can get btw) but you'd think someone as experienced with spies like him would pick up on something suspect about a character like Black Widow as we've seen several times before. (at least in the comics or of course EMH) As for everyone else wanting to take him in, remember he's the king of Wakanda, he has diplomatic policies that would allow him to return by right. Oh but don't think T'Challa is in the right either.

Not just for his actions at the very end of this episode, but even through out the series T'Challa's been arrogant and head strong, and even self-righteous. I mean to be fair he is still human so of course he's not perfect, but even then his arrogance and pride got the better of him when he should have made better discussions that wouldn't put people at risk.

Like for example, when Attuma came to apprehend Tiger Shark on land T'challa should have explained that Tiger Shark was trifling with Wakanna affairs for invading his embassy and stealing Wakkandan property. And then of course there's his trust with Zemo, which we all knew was just a ruse, so in that regard White Wolf was in the right to be hostile towards him. (Then again he did cause an outage and release Man-Ape from prison)

I know it's just midseason, but as I see it Panther Quest was both a step forward and backward at the same time. But hopefully the creative team can turn that around with the rest of the season and make something a little different with what they've got.
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Jul 23, 2012
It's official the Avengers in this show r 100% Stupid. If they were fooled by the Thunderbolts when their identities were so obvious then why would this shock me.
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