Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "Mask of the Panther" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Tune in for a new episode of Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther Quest, tonight at 9:00PM ET on Disney XD!

Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "Mask of the Panther"
Episode Debut - November 11th, 2018

Black Panther discovers a relic of ancient Wakanda that helps him continue his quest for answers.


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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest "Mask Of The Panther"

Wow, that sucked.

Where to begin? Every single time I start to forget why I absolutely loath this show's version of Hawkeye, they bring him back for an episode, and I instantly remember. He complains about everything. He insults people because he's too dumb to understand the situation. This numbskull is a SHIELD agent? Because in intelligence there is something called the compartmentalization of information. Not everyone who goes on the mission knows everything. It's less dangerous the fewer hands the information is actually in. Why is Clint taking it as a personal affront from Cap?

If you asked me the worst Marvel animated character, a few years ago I would have declared it Hank Pym from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, hands-down. But I'm not only starting to think Hawkeye is worse, but that's he actually MUCH worse. He sucks on every level.

Speaking of which, the teaser is using Taskmaster, right? Then why isn't his ability to be able to copy fighting styles not even mentioned once? That's literally the only interesting thing about the character. He's a human Amazo and they ignored the best thing about him.

For the record, that mess with Whitney was not T'Challa's fault. At all. It was 50/50 Clint and Cap. They were the ones who vouched for Whitney being reformed. Black Panther was disinclined to bring her on the mission at all, but they insisted she was all right. Hawkeye wants to punch somebody for failing Whitney, he should be punching himself.

I expected more from the episode and the show. But Hawkeye simply makes everything worse. *.


Staff member
That intro was cool for watching T'Challa be awesome as usual but it felt like huge waste of Taskmaster. It's like they felt they'd used Crossbones too much in these intro sequences so they decided to go with the only other skull-themed mercenary in the Marvel Universe, even if you could have substituted Crossbones in for Tasky to no major change in the plot :shrug:.

It's kind of weird to see SHIELD getting mentioned in a Marvel cartoon again since, outside Marvel Rising, they've been pretty irrelevant for a good long while (and Hawkeye in the cartoons has always been an ex-member). Heck, wasn't Fury's last animated appearance in the finale for Ultimate Spider-Man:confused:?

Hawkeye's redesign looked better then it did in the third episode, and I actually liked the addition of his Age of Ultron longcoat, but I really didn't like how his sunglasses completely obscured his eyes. With how expressive Hawkeye is as a character it felt like it was really working against him to completely cover up his eyes, especially for his more emotional moments :(.

I'm so unused to any romance in Marvel cartoons by this point that I'm not sure how much I should look into Clint and Whitney's interaction in this episode, even though Clint's interest in her definitely seemed to go a little beyond professional level. I did think it was in-character for Clint to become invested in someone who seemed to be trying to turn over a new leaf on the side of the angels even if that sequence at the end once Whitney became Madame Masque seemed ripped out of an Iron Man comic :sweat:.

A female pirate captain Black Panther? I think I know one of the past Black Panther's we can expect to see T'Challa team-up with in the future ;).

It was nice to see Whitney again, and unsurprisingly Geoffrey Throne following up on that random Avengers: Secret Wars episode that introduced her, and it was especially nice to finally see Wyn Everett finally get to play Whitney as Madame Masque :cool:.

Design-wise I'm glad they didn't give Whitney a short haircut like they have pretty much every other female character on this show (except Medusa), and her outfit was pretty comic-accurate to Madame Masque's comic look, but at the same time I didn't really care for how her mask only covered half her face. It really loses some of the striking features of Madame Masque's design if it's not a full face-mask in my opinion :sad:.

I still feel like Whitney's obsession with technology and giving that technology to the world was felt more like Monica Rappacini then Whitney Frost, and they even turned her into a technopath of sorts which sounds like something that someone from AIM would kill for :ack:.

I can get Hawkeye's anger at T'Challa and Cap keeping secrets from the rest of the team, but Whitney made her own choice to stay on the ship and put the mask on. The episode also made it fairly clear that she was pretty dissatisfied with her current state of affairs and being on a "leash" from SHIELD :mad:.

Who wants to be Clint tells Iron Man about Cap and T'Challa's having their own agenda together? Although the things with the Shadow Council is getting to a point where it seems like the smarter move would be to finally bring the rest of the Avengers in on this :eek:.
If you asked me the worst Marvel animated character, a few years ago I would have declared it Hank Pym from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, hands-down. But I'm not only starting to think Hawkeye is worse, but that's he actually MUCH worse. He sucks on every level.
I loved Hank on EMH. He was one of my favorite characters on the show :).


New Member
It was a "meh" episode.


- I love how season 5 is making characters act less cartoony. You don't hardly see Hawkeye get emotional and angry over someone. Usually he's wisecracking and being snarky. Attuma and Baron Zemo in this season are kinda likable in my opinion. They are no longer one-dimensional saturaday morning cartoon villains.

When I watch the early seasons, I'm watching a cartoon with wisecracking characters. Here in season 5, they feel like real people, and behave like real people. I love their version of Zemo. He has character development. I feel for him. I really hope he doesn't betray Black Panther and shuri. If he goes back to being a villain, I would be disappointed. The Masters of Evil changed their ways, why can't their ex-leader Zemo do the same?

- I like Dr. Frost's outfit. I can't help but think of Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost from the Ant-Man and Wasp movie (minus the creepy gas mask). Is it a coincidence they look similar?


- Clancy Brown's Taskmaster sounds a bit gruff and gravely in this episode. He is using his Mr. Krabs voice for some reason. I kinda miss his calm and calculating voice from Ultimate Spider-man (assuming it's the same Taskmaster from that show). Here, he sounds like a 1930s thug. Also, He got defeated as if he was a low level street punk. Spider-man had trouble beating this guy. I know T'Challa is stronger than Peter, but at least have Tasky put up more of a fight.

- How does Frost/Madame Mask know about Killmonger? Did I miss something?
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Rick Jones

Staff member
It's not a perfect episode but it is refreshing to see the difference in the characters act now. I can't picture these guys fighting over cookies as much anymore.

I hate Hawkeye's design but I am obviously biased. Hawkeye was one of my favorite Avengers since I was about 4 ( and calling him H-Man because Hawkeye was a hard name for me to remember for some reason) so the classic look never seemed as silly to me as everyone else. It took me a long time to like the look he was rocking on this show so it's really off-putting to see this busy design on screen. I thought one of the reasons they don't use the classic look was because that one was supposed to be too "garish"? I'm not a fan of the Cap look either (the first design was perfect yet they keep changing it) but at least it's visually acceptable. I love this Madame Masque design though, at least the outfit. It was kind of cool to see a more traditional Taskmaster look too though the updated one was actually pretty cool.

I'm not digging what they've done with Hawkeye here. I thought Why I Hate Halloween was a great episode and I liked the conflict and developing camaraderie of Clint and Whitney there. It's understandable that they couldn't show every little thing that happened to make the relationship grow since then but they could have explained it a little. Even throughout the episode, he didn't seem quite as attached to Whitney as he seems to be at the very end where it is as though he was actually in love with her or something and they didn't overt state or show as much. It makes no sense that he can see what transpired here and then blame T'Challa and Cap for the outcome instead of blaming Whitney herself for harboring her own secrets and motives and then betraying all of them.


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