Atomic Cartoons animates Chuck Jones' Timber Wolf

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Apr 20, 2001
For Immediate Release
November 19, 2001

(Vancouver, B.C.) -- Atomic Cartoons is very excited to announce their involvement in the animated multi-part Internet original property Chuck Jones' Timber Wolf." "It has been a pleasure to have the occasion to work with animation legend Chuck Jones," says Samantha Daley - Atomic Cartoons Executive Producer.

Atomic Cartoons provided animation production on "Timber Wolf" for Wolfgang Productions, producing thirteen 4-5 minute weekly installments for the Internet. "We wanted to animate an Internet show with the same look and feel of the Classic Warner Bros. cartoons that Chuck is so well known for and I am proud to say that I think we have achieved that," offers Mauro Casalese - Atomic Cartoons ­ Co - Founder/Director.

"Chuck and I looked at a lot of different animation studios to work with us on the show, and when we finally came across Atomic, we knew immediately that we had found the right people for the job," says Stephen Fossati, Jones' partner and Executive Producer for Wolf Gang.

"It's a mystery to me how they do this on the computer, but somehow these guys are breathing life into our characters. I¹m proud of the work they're doing," says Mr. Jones.

The show was launched by Warner Bros. Online with great success, bringing in more than three quarters of a million individual viewers within the first week of its October 24 premier and has continued to expand its viewership since.

"Chuck Jones' Timber Wolf" available for viewing only at Warner Bros. Online, ( features the shenanigans of series' title character, Thomas T. (that's short for Timber) Wolf, who has it all ­looks, brains and a savoir-faire not usually associated with forest-dwelling animals. In each three to five minute episode, Thomas and his cohorts slip, skip and stumble through adventures and eventual predicaments, including Earl the Squirrel's insistence on collecting a $100 bounty for Thomas' tail, a herd of sheep that becomes a little too amorous towards Thomas and Thomas' misadventures in babysitting. And, among all of this bucolic bliss, there's just one catch, involving the utterance of "Timber" and a slew of falling trees.

Since Trevor Bentley, Mauro Casalese, Rob Davies and Olaf Miller founded Atomic Cartoons in 1999, the Canadian owned studio has seen much success. Throughout this brief period of time the four associates have increase the studio to 30 members strong and have delivered pre-production on more than 100 half-hours of television animation including two seasons of Nelvana's "Pelswick", Film Roman's "The Oblongs" and Warner Brothers Television Animation's "The Zeta Project."

Examples of Atomic's work can be found at
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