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Apr 17, 2011
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Didn't realize Birdman had been back on weeknights. Will definitely revisit it! Even the couple hours after Toonami next month look very tempting to record and watch later. All around I love the look of this entire schedule even if I don't watch a lot, it just looks very good.

Also great to see a super Super hour soon. I've been thinking lately with Toonami now starting at 10 and how before we lost the original 6/6.5 hours, ever getting something like that again. Not to toot my own horn (weird phrase), but hypothetically, I feel we could be at a time where almost no matter what happens that early for Toonami, even Super on weeknights, ratings will be stable and in some way, most things will be good. Sure, we could have some set-backs and then get them back again, but nowadays, especially more so than Toonami say five years ago, it's tolerable. We've seen on the DBS weeknight thread with Daikun posting them for us, how low they can get and rise, and then go back low, and it's getting an additional half-hour. Somehow, I think this 10pm Toonami can survive that early for a great while.
Mar 30, 2010
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I think people have said that Shippuden was a lost cause at this point, and I agree. The show is so far behind and airs so late that I doubt ratings are all that good. We're not even halfway through it, and the majority of people who want to watch Shippuden dubbed have probably already done so with Viz's official releases (myself included). Now is Cartoon Network had started airing Shippuden as it was starting to be dubbed, I think it would be in a much better position. I still don't understand why CN dropped Naruto in 2009, and right in the middle of a (filler) arc no less.

On the other hand this slot will ensure that Toonami won't need a replacement for years, but it might be more lucrative to bring in a different show at this point. I don't know.


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