[April Fools] "The Complete Animaniacs" coming to DVD!

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Oct 11, 2010
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The Wolverine State
In celebration of the show's 20th Anniversary,
Every episode including the "H" episodes will
be released with original airings' Fox Kids and
Kids WB commercials and bumpers
from die-hard colllectors
tapings (and also preserved with the closed
captioning bug during the theme's "And we're
zany to the max).

The body of the episodes WILL BE REMASTERED
from the original film elements and the colors
will be just right for Blu-ray and maybe even
4K Blu-ray. Will contain 5.1. Surround Sound
and REALLY good simulated Dolby Surround.The episodes will be uncut and even
have lost scenes not from original US Broadcasts
"Broadcast Nusicance" anyone?

This will include special features including

A lot of "Animaniacs" featurette documenatries including:

A general documentary
The main title theme song
The Warners
The other characters
Animation studios
Kids WB vs. Fox Kids
Pop culture refernces
How did they slip that by
Nostaliagia Critic "Animaniacs Tribute"

Time Machine: The series premerie original very first airing of
Episode #1 with commercials.

Bonus Movie: Wakko's Wish (as a seperate disc)

Character Profiles: Yakko, Wakko, Dot
The rest of the A! Cast

Segments from Animaniacs VHS tapes previously unreleased

Promotional stuff from the show's run

Bonus "Pinky and the Brain" episodes

Animaniacs theme extended (all 3 middle verses, musical interludes, sing-along verses all variable verses including the Nickeldeon one).

Kids WB "Animaniacs" promos (almost all
regular Animaniacs The WB epherma will
be found from the vaults)

Fox Kids "Animaniacs" promos

And yes, all clearance for Fox network stuff
will be paid to the Fox Brodcasting Company
and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

It will be packaged on really hard materials,
so those who have Volume 4 will be happy
about this.

This will be supervised by die-hard Animaniacs
fans such as Ron "Keeper" O'Deal and other
members of the so-called "Please Please Please Get
A Life Foundation"

Here is the source for all of this material:
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