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We hope that you choke.
Feb 3, 2018
The Darkest Timeline
What’s this Steven Universe I keep hearing people talk about? I’m guessing it must be a Toonami show.
It's a silly, goofy comedy show that only airs on early Saturday mornings. Did I say it's silly and goofy? Because it's really silly and goofy! No serious, emotional moments at all.
Will it have a crossover with Problem Solverz? I would like that
I hope so.
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For some reason I keep being reminded of this post I made on a Black Clover talkback thread: C&C - Black Clover - "The One With No Magic" [9/8]

It seems like the inspiration for Maya comes from his wife, mother, and sister.
The good news is I'm not scared anymore. The bad news is, as I have absorbed things, I am now freaking infuriated.
For nick@nite, and I thought full house was the only one skipped.., now George lopez is doing the same thing.. early Mon Jun 1 3:30am was No Free Launch, then skipped episodes to A Kiss is Just Kiss episode aired early Jun 2 at 4am. Very weird for nick@nite, obvi a sign that show won't last long