Anyone played the Trapped in Hyperspace game?


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Dec 27, 2015
Demarest, NJ
So, the Trapped in Hyperspace game has been lost media ever since it disappeared when Cartoon Network updated their Toonami page in July 2004. I've managed to find some people over the years who do remember playing it, but they haven't given me details on stuff like how you saved TOM when he was infected by Swayzak in the fifth level.

I've also contacted several people who worked on the game, but they've said nothing on stuff like that (I did get to know what Swayzak's full body looked like, and that the game was a mix of 2D and 3D.)

There is a guy I met who has played it and seems to be legit, but he usually trolls me with some info or they could be just false memories. For example, one of his legit ones was Swayzak having a death animation when you beat the game (TOM absorbs him into a microchip and seals it for good.)

So, for those of you who played the game, do you remember if the fifth stage took place inside TOM and if Sara was the player character there? The guy I'm currently talking to says yes to both of these, but I want to confirm with other people to make sure he's not blindly saying yes to them.


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