Any word on the next South Park season?


Any word on when the next South Park Season (Season 24 to be exact) will start in Fall 2020? I hope Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not delaying it due to the COVID-19 pandemic - I know the 2007-2008 Writers Guild Strike didn't affect South Park production for that season, but I hope when there's the new at least Fall 2020 South Park season that South Park does its own take on the COVID-19 pandemic.


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There is going to be one-hour special on Wednesday that's all about the COVID-19 situation. Not sure whether or not this is going to be the season premiere.


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my guess this is going to be a movie like imaginationland and bigger longer and uncut
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Personally, I see three possible scenarios in terms of Season 24.

BEST CASE SCENARIO: The one-hour special will indeed be the Season 24 premiere, with regular half-hour episodes starting next week (with one break week in October and November as usual).

WORST CASE SCENARIO: The COVID-19 situation will cause Season 24 to be delayed until next year (possibly not until next fall), with the one-hour special being a way for Trey and Matt to submit something for Emmy consideration this year.

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD SCENARIO: With COVID-19 tampering with Trey and Matt's plans (especially given their "six days to air" approach), Season 24 will be a little bit different in that instead of ten regular episodes, it will follow in the footsteps of I Love Lucy (with the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour) and will consist of at least four hour-long specials that will air monthly.

I'm leaning towards the "middle of the road" scenario due to the following reasons:
  • There really isn't much that can be done on a weekly basis for now, as most of it will be too similar to what we'll be getting on Wednesday
  • The fact that this episode is in production for a few weeks now (along with a hint that the episode could also cover the "bad cop" situation that has also been in the news this year) is suggesting that more time will be put into Season 24 episodes, which means we probably won't get a new episode every week.
  • There's no way Trey and Matt are not going to do something that pertains to the 2020 election.
EDIT: The Pandemic Special aired last night, and given how it ended, Season 24 will be going the Middle of the Road scenario (i.e. specials instead of regular episodes).
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