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Apr 23, 2001
To compliment the episode listings for Batman and Superman, here is animation studio information for Batman Beyond.

Koko/Dong Yang
Ace in the Hole; April Moon; Armory; Ascension; Babel; Betrayal; Big Time; Black Out; Blood Sport; The Call Part 1; The Call Part 2; Countdown; Curse of Kobra Part 1; Curse of Kobra Part 2; Dead Man's Hand; Disappearing Inque; Earth Mover; The Eggbaby; Eyewitness; Final Cut; Golem; Heroes; Hidden Agenda; Hooked Up; Inqueling; Joyride; King's Ransom; The Last Resort; Lost Soul; Meltdown; Mind Games; Once Burned; Out of the Past; Payback; Plague; Rats!; Rebirth Part 1; Rebirth Part 2; Return of the Joker (portions) (movie); Revenant; Sentries of the Last Cosmos; Shriek; Sneak Peek; Speak No Evil; Spellbound; Splicers; Terry's Friend Dates a Robot; A Touch of Curare; Unmasked; Untouchable; Where's Terry?; The Winning Edge; Zeta.

Tokyo Movie Shinsa (TMS)
Return of the Joker (portions) (movie).


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Feb 11, 2002
ON THE LAM basically, Dong Yang did the whole series. You can tell, too. TMS always sticks out like a terrifically-animated sore thumb with the animated series', no matter who they're being compared to. :)



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Dec 23, 2002
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Yeah, for the whole series, it was Koko, Koko, and nothing but Koko. The only other animation studio besides TMS that had a hand in animating BB I can think of is whoever animated the Zeta/Batman crossover (Zeta's series, of course :) ). And I've noticed, after numorous viewings of ROTJ, how TMS was significantly restrained due to budget costs. Their work was good, but not up to par with their work on both STAS and BTAS.

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